Yemeni medics said they pulled dozens of bodies from the rubble of a Houthi rebel-run detention center that was hit by Saudi-led coalition airstrikes, killing over 100 people and wounding dozens. It was the deadliest such attack so far this year in a stalemated four-year war that has claimed tens of thousands of lives, thrust millions to the brink of famine and spawned the world's worst humanitarian crisis.

The Saudi-led coalition, which has fought the Iran-backed Houthis since 2015, has faced international criticism for airstrikes that have hit schools, hospitals and wedding parties, killing thousands of civilians. There were around 170 detainees at the facility when the airstrikes hit. The International Committee for the Red Cross said 40 wounded were being treated for injuries while the rest were presumed dead, and that it would likely take days to recover all the bodies.

Hurricane Dorian struck the northern Bahamas as a catastrophic Category 5 storm, its record 185 mph (297 kph) winds ripping off roofs, overturning cars and tearing down power lines as hundreds hunkered down in schools, churches and shelters. Dorian slammed into Elbow Cay in Abaco island, and then made a second landfall near Marsh Harbour, after authorities made last-minute pleas for those in low-lying areas to evacuate.

There were indications that the slow-moving Dorian would veer sharply northeastward after passing the Bahamas and track up the U.S. Southeast seaboard. But authorities warned that even if its core did not make U.S. landfall, the potent storm would likely hammer the coast with powerful winds and heavy surf.

Hezbollah militants fired a barrage of anti-tank missiles into Israel, prompting a reprisal of heavy Israeli artillery fire in a rare burst of fighting between the bitter enemies. Although the shooting quickly subsided without casualties on either side, the situation remained volatile. The bitter enemies, which fought a month-long war in 2006, have indicated they do not want to go to war but appeared on a collision course in recent days after a pair of Israeli strikes against Hezbollah. The militant group vowed it would retaliate.

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri held telephone calls with U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo as well as an adviser to French President Emmanuel Macron urging the international community to calm the situation. The U.N. peacekeeping mission in southern Lebanon, known as UNIFIL, said it was in contact with all sides and urged restraint.

Thousands of secondary school and university students boycotted classes in Hong Kong, in the latest pro-democracy protests. Organisers say 10,000 pupils from 200 secondary schools did not turn up for the first day of the new school year. The student action came on the same day as a call for a broad two-day strike and large rally.

Protests over the weekend saw some of the worst violence in weeks between protesters and police, as Hong Kong entered its 14th successive week of demonstrations. The protests were sparked by changes to a law that would allow extradition to mainland China, but have since widened to include calls for an independent inquiry into police brutality and universal suffrage.

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