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Inspiring Young Tigers to Save Tigers

WildTeam member explaining about WildTeam activities

The moment you come closer to the gymnasium, you will start seeing references of tigers. I am talking about the American International School of Dhaka (AISD). Their mascot is tiger, and the students connected to athletics are called ‘tigers’. Being a part of a tiger focused conservation organization, everyone from WildTeam was elated to see that.

We were invited to showcase our organization, WildTeam, to the students of middle school of AISD along with other NGOs, on August 12 this year. All of us took preparation from office with necessary items and equipment. The fair was held in their gymnasium. Each organization was given a table to showcase their product and activities. We decorated our table and background with festoons, photo posters, pin badges, notebooks, name and logo board; arranged our display and projector. Right after we were done, the children started pouring in!

Kids of similar ages, but different backgrounds and attitudes came to our stall. We were asked questions about WildTeam, present scenario, future goal etc. They asked about the wildlife crime that happens in the Sundarbans, and how we handle it. Students were thrilled by the stories of Village Tiger Response Team (VTRT), Forest Tiger Response Team (FTRT), patrolling, wildlife rescue operation, Wild Rickshaw Challenge, Tiger Scouts etc. It seemed like they wanted to find out their scope of interest through these organizations. What we loved was, the students got down on the floor and started writing down the points as soon as they heard those information. Their enthusiasm kept us going on in an ascending pace.

Children were engaged in conversation. At the same time we gave them some souvenir (badges and notebooks) on behalf of WildTeam, so that they feel more connected. We also arranged a picture taking session with our famous social media phrase, hashtag – I stand for tigers. They were interested to comply with happily. After learning about WildTeam, some of them even expressed interest in being a part of its wildlife conservation work.

Overall it was a fun-learning session with the kids from American International School of Dhaka. Teachers were very excited and lovingly helpful to us. From AISD, Mr Jon Exall, member of middle school faculty, communicated with us, and consorted amicably. Our team members and students all had a good time because of this collaboration between AISD and WildTeam.

Jaheen Muntasira, Intern WildTeam

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