Information Technology has the potential to expedite the HR industry in Bangladesh by streamlining various HR functions, reducing manual labor, and improving efficiency.

Recruitment Reimagined for IT Professionals

Digital arena of Bangladesh is gradually booming in almost every sphere of life by fast adopting information technology through the process of automation and digital transformation. Technologically skilled human capital is the key force that driving digitalization and hence the demand of skilled IT people increasing exponentially everywhere.

Currently more than 0.80 million IT professionals are working in Bangladesh while due to the fast pace of digital growth, there are demand for apx.2million IT Pro's. The majority of the current workforce excels mainly in technical tasks, such as programming and networking, where about 60% of the required IT positions remain vacant due to a skills shortage, within the existing pool of the IT workforce, apx.40% are skilled, and the rest are semi or non-skilled to perform these tasks.

Core Concerns in IT Talent Employments

There's an increasing demand for skilled IT professionals in the market, and universities are counting apx.25,000 fresh graduates every year hoping to fill these positions. These students are clueless and ill-equipped with practical knowledge of job securing process.

Individual companies do not have enough means or resources to direct this crowd into the systematic stream of potential employees to suitable companies available in the market. There are many different dynamics to this approach of sorting job aspirants which needs huge ton of work in the upcoming years!

At present, there are approximately over 2000 software and ITES companies operating in Bangladesh, registered under BASIS. As there is a high demand of skilled IT talents, finding the right IT people for appropriate roles has become increasingly difficult for any organization, even with access to available job sourcing platforms.

Moreover, companies have to invest ample amounts of money, time, and effort and are being challenged with the ongoing need for new tech skills such as data science, robotics, and the cloud. Needless to say, there is a need to build a platform that is dedicated to catering to the needs of IT talent recruitment services to solidify the process and create a streamlined connection between the two parties.

Innovation in IT Talent Recruitment

In the fast-pacing IT industry, HR has to adopt ways to be able to organize data about candidate's skills and talents and streamline the employment process by making it faster, smarter, and more cost-efficient. This benefits both the applicant and the employer to find someone to find this match rather easily without making a lot of effort.

Only a handful of companies are enlisted in the existing job-providing platforms and companies are often seen using social media platforms to post job vacancy advertisements, which is not really a platform meant to do so. The companies have a hard time in attracting the niche crowd from social media platforms.

The ICT sector needs skilled mid-level professionals and managers with dynamic and innovative capabilities to achieve its goals. Thus, ensuring the availability of such a workforce is crucial to achieving the expected growth in the industry.

Smart Solutions for Tech Job Placements

As economies race to enhance their IT capabilities and push their trajectories, countries such as India, Brazil, Malaysia, and some East European nations have already captured a significant share of the outsourcing business. Other developing countries, like Bangladesh, have the potential to benefit from this industry due to the availability of cheap, trained, and educated human capital.

According to Monzur Hossain, Senior Research Fellow, BIDS, assessing the skills gap in the IT profession is a complex process that requires a multi-dimensional approach. The gap can be evaluated from three angles: (i) availability of skilled professionals, (ii) weaknesses of the existing IT workforce, and (iii) mismatch between current skills and future industry demands.

One emerging name to address the matter would be Techntalents, a software as a service (SaaS) based IT Job Platform to sort the selection process and make recruitment much easier and more efficient.

Recruit IT Talent with the Help of Technology

IT job aspirant in Bangladesh can have numerous benefits to a collective platform. With access to a variety of IT jobs, job seekers have a wider range of options to choose from, based on their skills, experience, and specialization areas. Also, the platform allows candidates to showcase their skills and achievements, connect with potential employers, and explore plenty of job options, including remote and hybrid jobs.

At TechnTalents, one can find all kinds of IT and IT business-related jobs, including Software, IT Infrastructure, IT education, IT Security, Web and Mobile Applications, Database, Digital marketing etc., under their 30+ IT job categories. The web-based application runs on a SaaS (software-as-a-service) model, which empowers HR professionals and recruiters to access and use high-standard automated recruitment application software.

TechnTalents offers a comprehensive recruitment process automation solution for organizations seeking to hire ICT talents. Their system-based CV screening, scoring, and candidate matching features help employers efficiently identify the most suitable candidates for their requirements.

HR professionals and recruiters require a lot of knowledge in IT/tech hiring. TechnTalent team are creating an all-encompassing solution for businesses looking to find the right talent for their ICT needs.

As an employer, posting job offers on TechnTalents requires a certain fee, but the platform is completely free for any IT professional. IT literate people are IT job aspirants, which means that employers can attract a larger pool of talented candidates to their companies.

Meet Demand for Digital Transformation

From preparing job specifications and descriptions to vacancy management and interview feedback for the decision-making process, TechnTalents provides a complete IT recruitment process automation platform catered especially to the needs that of an IT engineers, developers.

According to an article in the Financial Express, Bangladesh has the potential to become a major provider of outsourcing services, with the country's growth in this sector being further fueled by the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. TechnTalents aspires to bring global-standard professional services to meet the demands of the Fourth Industrial Revolution's digital transformation and seeks to serve the community with a skilled workforce that is ready for the future.

Enforce Education in IT Recruitment

Recruiting also means considering issues, such as, monitoring fair pay, standard working hours, and gender equality that are crucial when considering working in a company. TechnTalents screens job descriptions before they go live on the TechnTalents website and social media.

They are interacting with young professionals and companies through IT job and career seminars, podcasts, online career talks, job fairs, etc. With their efforts in digitalizing recruitment process in HR, TechnTalents is recognized as one of the promising service-based initiatives praised at this year's BASIS Soft Expo, 2023.

Led by Mohammad Asif, a technopreneur and pioneer in the industry with his former experience working with Microsoft and other large tech organization, assembles a young talented team of professionals to create a robust ICT Career hub for IT professionals to serve IT resource needs in Bangladesh and Globally. With TechnTalents (, we are hoping to witness changes in HR's hiring trends that will take over and accelerate growth in the upcoming IT industry.

Ending Note

It's obvious that we are witnessing an era of drastic technological advancement that requires entrepreneurs and inventors to join forces to digitalize the IT market. The pioneers in the IT industry may also need to update curricula, build a robust industry-academia linkages, and include IT skill development programs to welcome more automation of the IT recruitment process in the upcoming future.

Nahid Tabassum is a full-time writer, a digital marketer and a communication strategist. She seeks retreat in music and art, and narrates stories with her unique sense of compassion and wit.

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