The present time, we are going through, is the worst period of the world history, when the irresistible youth contribution is very expectant. In the inaugurating ceremony of The Dhaka-OIC youth Capital 2020 summit, inaugurated on 27 July, the honorable Prime Minister of The People's Republic of Bangladesh Her Excellency Sheikh Hasin urged the youth leadership to contribute in decision making process during and post Covid-19 pandemic to build a resilient future. To get resilient solution of any challenges, discussion and finding out the problems are the initial condition. Covid-19's safety precautions of social distancing made the world community rethink of utilizing the technology for the survival for the fittest. The analytical study of Covid-19 impact is still painting a grim picture of neglected and destroyed health sector, damaging trade sector, decreasing remittances, exports and tourist income, effected education sector, severe economic and job losses, increasing robbery and terrorism, challenges of poverty and declining global output. As a member of third world country, we should design a master plan to overcome all challenges before our mission utilizing technology to build a resilient and sustainable world. From the corner of analytical view, we can recommend some notes to be implemented as the following order.

1) enriching technology skill of young society and taking the driving seat to lead the country to secure a resilient future for beloved mass people, 2) utilizing technology and ICT security zone to protect the society from terrorists and hackers who mobilize digital crimes and different types of terrorism, 3) achieving environmental sustainability with the blessings of technology through tree plantation, war against smoking, clean and green city movement, war against deforestation, changing human behavior, proper policy for industrial garbage, social awareness, building safe industrial zone, good relations with neighboring countries, with association of national and international environment saving organization, 4) quality education: a. campaigning to train up teachers to make them used to ICT based teaching, b. making teachers used to distance teaching, 5) self dependence in health sector; a. creating available software for telemedicine, b. establishing a complete health guide where anyone can get all types of medical help like departmental doctors list with their chamber in both of private and public, c. building software for online appointment and ticket booking with payment system, in case of public hospitals, through available ways for all types of medical test across the country, d. establishing a strong tracing software to find out hypocrites, who snatch huge money from people without proper diagnostic test, in pathology and diagnostic sector, e. enriching technology to invent proper medicines for any diseases as much as possible, 6) to develop agricultural sector utilizing modern technology 7) training camp for young people to teach them ICT based works at a lowest cost, 8) training camp for Migrant workers to prepare them fit for working with latest technology, 9) building resilient IT zone and preparing IT specialist to face and tackle contemporary challenges of modern world.

It is high time for all stakeholders in public and private sectors to patronize youth people to utilize technology for building a sustainable world, especially in the pandemic time.

Ridwan Bin Wali Ullah Columnist, Researcher, M.Phil from IUK, E-mail:

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