Each passing day keeps reminding you of the things you will regret when you are old. There are debates up ahead about the best next year's plans. The priorities get evolved with choices. People carry on their lives with the consequences accordingly. The bad feelings, as well as the comforts, tend to change simultaneously. After all, now is the time when you are still able to do whatever you want. In your old age, there will be nothing left but regret. Here are some common things most people regret when they reach their old age.

Not traveling enough

What if someone asks what's the most beautiful place you have visited so far? Not having the memories of travelling wonderful places on earth is a matter of regret. It will be more regretful for you when you get older. There are many places newly discovered these days. Some places have become beautiful, which may not have been so beautiful in your time. It will be unbearable because you can't go back in time. You can't even go there now either.

Spending too little time with your dearest ones

In the young or middle age, people often tend to prioritize the office works to family. In the race of career and earning money, people can hardly manage time to spend quality time with their family, and close friends.

On the contrary, people in old age often spend their time living in memories. They want to be with their children, friends, and relatives but mourn for not being with them. Not every older person is lucky enough to stay close to family, or friends. Some are left with photos, videos, and some memories that are slowly getting lost.

Not quitting the job you hate

Due to survival, people often get stuck in the job even after they hate it. When they retire in their old age after giving a lifetime service, they begin to suffer from despair about their miserable working life. You can think of yourself in their place. You would find that it is just a simple choice to leave the job you are not satisfied with and start pursuing your dream. But when you reach your old age, you may not have the time, energy and situation to start over.

Not taking care of your family properly

At the end of life, people often experience the accusation that they failed to do what was needed to be done for their children. It starts right after the mid-life crisis and extends to the last stage of life. To avoid such situations, make proper planning to assure good upbringing and education of your kids. Always look for better scopes for your family when you have time to do that.

Being ungrateful

Old ages are the time when people get actual consciousness. Loneliness is obvious but not comforting at all. It reminds them of when they were with others. They were not as grateful as they needed to be. That's why fate has done this to them.

In your young age, you can blame your parents or teachers the whole day for the mishaps of your life. But reaching the old age, you will realize that your parents were the greatest gift you ever had.

Underestimating your passion

You were so much talented and full of potentials. Everyone surrounding you praised you. But you gave up everything you loved. You prioritized the latest trends, false glamor over your passion. It will cause one of the biggest things you will regret when you are old. You will stare at the successful one and just say, 'I would have been like them'. There will be many reasons you can harbor but that will be no use.

Prioritizing other people's opinions over own wishes

While taking any brave decision about life, career or relationship, we often consider, 'what the society will say'? This is like a disease where a man/woman loses all of his/her self-esteem. They modify themselves according to other views. Always imitating other principles leads you to forget your excellence. You gradually lose grip of yourself as well as social acceptance. Eventually, it will feed your regrets in your old age. Moreover, most old people talk about the antagonist of their life and say- 'It would not happen if I will not follow him/her'.

The time you wasted

You will never get the precious time back that you wasted when younger in worry, wrong purpose, and meaningless talking. Old people have this big remorse that they desperately want to go back and make things right. Not moving very fast, getting busy with the wrong people and getting stuck in the same place might have stolen a lot of years from them. That's why you should be aware of what you promise.

The money you wasted

In this fast world, there are a lot of exchanges of money. Human needs and wants justify the significance of every financial dealing. Even they determine what is wrong and what is right. But at the end of life, everything keeps changing its meaning. Therefore, the very question also arises, 'was it right to spend so much money?' However, at your old age, this consciousness will be of no use that will hurt the most.

No legacy left

Many people admit that leaving their legacy is a big achievement. People want to live in memories through their work and succession. If no one is there to remember you, this thinking is quite stressful. Even at 50, people want to do things to stay alive in reminiscence. The old people often claim out of despair that they couldn't leave a good child, or do more for human welfare.

Not praying enough

A belief or a principle modifies the life of people. It also affects their daily activities. The religious people emotion evolves with their belief. The principle leads their preferences, miseries, and joys. Therefore, old people in every religion are badly in need of prayer for repentance and the better life of the children they are leaving behind. But as the time is too short for them, the praying mind gets full of regrets.

The Wrong acts you did

In your youth, you are probably not aware of your doings. But at the end of your life, you will subconsciously develop a fear about the sins you did. The wailing will keep growing in you for the things such as, why did you lie? Or why did you earn wealth unjustly? Or why did you do blasphemy?

Over to you

So you can think in your youth about these things you may regret when you are old. Now you have time to perform so that it will not be the cause of your regret later. People also spend their last days in peace with their dearest ones. It depends on how you are living your present day. Every action in your current days matters for the upcoming days.

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