Birds are very common in nature and almost everywhere in the world birds live. Every day we see birds in our surroundings. In the urban areas we see birds on buildings top and trees but in rural areas we see them everywhere and the places are the jungles, trees, bushes, ponds, rivers, water-bodies and vast agricultural fields. In the jungles, bushes and trees in rural areas we get different types of native birds singing and these places are full of wood-notes in the spring time. In many ways birds are helping us keeping functional environment and ecology. Without birds the vast desolation of agricultural fields looks barren. Birds' songs and wood-notes make us cheerful and amused. Environment and ecology are greatly influenced by birds' activities. The formation of natural forest in newly emerged Islands is the result of birds' activities of that particular area. In the coastal areas of Bangladesh formation of vegetation is greatly dependent on birds. As birds are the carriers of different kinds of seeds to those areas. As a result of this cycle forests are being created there and it is a continuous process of nature. We know in many ways seeds of different plants taken there but bird is one of the components of this system.

In the urban areas many of us keep birds as pet. Of them many are natives and a major numbers of them are foreign birds. Amateur bird lovers are the collectors of different kind of birds. In the homesteads Maina, Tia and Parrot are the common birds. Those birds are regarded as talking birds and by talking they can make people happy and cheerful. Commercially 2/3 species of birds are being fostered in the homestead of our country. These are Koels and Pigeons. There are many pigeons and Koel farms functioning like poultry in the country. Many young people take interest to rear Koel and Pigeon. In the rural area and in some cases urban areas many of us rear sporting Pigeons. Actually they love pigeons and in this way they get amusement.

Beyond this fact the environment and ecology are in stake now. Winter is now knocking at the door in Bangladesh. By this time the bird Hunters and Fowlers are going to be very active now. Often this sort of news comes in different national dailies nowadays. Now beels, rivers, haor, baors, large water-bodies are welcoming the migratory birds. The migratory birds come to Bangladesh this time of the year and they will stay till the next spring. Professional bird hunters catch or kill the migratory birds by different traps and fowling piece. After that they send it to the market for sale. Some urban people are very much fond of meat of migratory birds. Often we see some people are ferrying in the city roads for selling those migratory birds. We know bird hunting and fowling is completely prohibited in Bangladesh. It is regarded as crime. Six months to two years are the sentence of illegal bird hunting of fowling in Bangladesh. But this is not strictly enforced. Even it appears that the law enforcers are somewhat indifferent about this.

Some hunters are used to hunt birds by fowling piece. After hunting they sell it to the people. So bird hunting has become a kind of seasonal profession nowadays. And these hunters/fowlers are seen mainly in winter in the Chars of big rivers, haor, baor, beels.coast areas and different water logging areas. In this time Chars of Padma, Jamuna, Chalan beel and haor areas are the popular hangout of fowlers in Bangladesh. But this sort of fowling is the clear violations of law of this land. Fowlers or hunters are now very active in the Chars of big rivers and coastal islands. Already this sort of news has come to the different national dailies. Especially the chars of the Padma and the Jamuna are now the popular hangout of Fowlers and hunters. Often one can see them in those areas with fowling piece. In the coming days of the winter coastal Islands will also be the popular hangout for bird hunters or fowlers.

Maybe bird hunting or fowling is like one kind of sports but by hunting migratory/native birds fowlers are destroying the environment and ecology in our country. We know bird rearing is now commercially viable sector. For that reason government should encourage those who want to rear pigeons and Koel commercially like poultry. These two species of bird are now being reared as poultry in different places in Bangladesh. These are also sources of protein. But hunting migratory birds and native birds roaming in the Chars /beels and haor areas should be stopped immediately.

Many times in the urban streets we see some people selling sparrow like small birds called 'bhurui' bird in North Bengal. About more than hundred' bhurui' bird kept in a cage made of bamboo slice for selling in the different towns in north Bengal. These birds are seen in the sugarcane field in a flock in north Bengal. People catch those birds by using net as a trap. This trapping is one kind of detrimental activities to environment. For that reason it should be stopped. The local administration should take initiative to prevent people from this and strong vigilance is badly needed for this.

We know birds are the essential component of nature. Over the years through unplanned activities we are destroying or harming the true characteristics of nature. For these extreme and hillbilly actions of some people the environment and ecology of our country is at stake now. Bangladesh is the land of rivers, haors, baors, beels and lakes. In addition Bangladesh has a coastal area with Islands. In the winter a large number of flocks of migratory birds will come to this area as their temporary abode for few months. It is cycle of the nature. These birds enhance the natural beauty of our country and have a positive effect to our endangered ecology and environment. So by any cost we have to protect them. In the coming winter Chalan beel, haor of greater Sylhet and Mymenshing, baor of greater Jashore are the main habitat of migratory birds. In addition Islands of coastal areas and different Chars of big rivers are also the habitats of migratory birds. From now on strong measure should be taken by the local administration to protect the birds from illegal hunting or fowling. Maybe, mobile court should be set up for this purpose. And in this way we can go one step forward to protect our environment and ecology.

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