This week provided the most shocking evidence of why parents need to pay closer attention to, and learn more about the schools and madrassas to which they send their beloved children, as-well-as the teachers and imams who 'teach' in them.

There's a video circulating, so disturbing and sickening to watch, that everyone, especially parents, NEED to watch.

The video allegedly shows Tripta Tyagi, the owner, principal, and 'teacher' of Neha Public School in Muzaffarnagar, India, ordering not just one, but many of her students in Class 2, to slap a young Muslim boy on the face.

It appears to be a horrifying act of religious prejudice, Islamophobia, child abuse, corporal punishment, and everything else that demonic evil has to offer.

The loud slaps from his class mates could be heard on the video as Ms. Tyagi urged them to strike him harder.

She is also accused of making offensive remarks about Muslims, referring to them as "Mohammedan children" and saying that "all Muslim children should be beaten".

The unfortunate youngster stood in front of the class with tears running down his little cheeks as his classmates (and alleged school friends) delivered the punishment as instructed by the cruel teacher.

And the reason for the pupils beating the boy? (Be patient... wait for it...)

Because of her disability, Ms. Tyagi was unable to reach the student herself!

If she weren't disabled, would she herself have punched or slapped the seven-year-old boy in the face?

Whether the abhorrent act had been executed by her or she had someone else do it, corporal punishment is still corporal punishment and woefully wrong.

In actuality, what did she teach the boy and the rest of the class that day? Is it violence is acceptable if someone in a position of authority permits it?

But the horror doesn't end there... apparently the video was made by an uncle of the boy! If so, why didn't the uncle object to his nephew being disrespected, mistreated and abused? Is there a Covid-19 like variant of insanity present in the village?

The 'teacher' was arrested after the video had triggered a massive outrage and there's a strong possibility her school will be closed.

Basic Education Officer Shubham Shukla said the private school did not meet the department's criteria, and notices were sent to higher authorities to revoke the school's recognition from the UP education board.

The Muslim boy (whose name is being withheld) will be admitted to a government primary school, if his family agrees.

Tyagi told a media conference it was wrong on her part to get a student slapped by his classmates, but she was 'forced to do it' as she is handicapped.

There is nothing remotely right about corporal punishment, which is why it is completely wrong. However, some people will never learn, and those with such mental illnesses shouldn't be allowed to teach in schools or madrassas or be allowed within 100 miles of children.

Parents who love their children can learn something from this one incident. It should be their wake-up call. Parents should not just leave their child at the front gate of the madrassa or school. Instead, they should go inside, ask questions, and determine if it is Heaven or Hell.

Children depend on their parents for guidance and protection, and GOOD teachers always appreciate their involvement. Only those who have something to hide discourage contact and awkward questioning.

Sir Frank Peters is a former newspaper and magazine publisher and editor, an award-winning writer, royal goodwill ambassador, humanitarian, staunch human rights activist, Honorary Member of the Bangladesh Freedom Fighters and an esteemed foreign friend of Bangladesh.

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