The importance of the market/ shopping mall has increased at the same rate as the importance of shopping has increased in modern urban civilization. Over the years many shopping malls have been built in Dhaka, and the appeal of the Dhaka New Market has not diminished. This shopping market remains full throughout the year in the presence of buyers. While clothing items are mostly sold in New Market, you will get other household items too. Let's know the tradition and history of the Dhaka New Market.

Near Old Dhaka, the New Market is located in the northern part of Azimpur. Anyone knows by its name and the market is also located in some portion of Mirpur Road.

Construction of the market was started by CBD in 1952 on 35 acres of land during East Pakistan Prime Minister Nurul Amin's period. Its construction was completed in 1954 and the establishment of this market paved the way for the modernization of Dhaka. Old Dhaka was very densely populated and disturbed. Therefore, Nurul Amin's modernization project was very limited, so people protested against it. Some believe that Dhaka New Market and Shahbag Hotel were built for Nurul Amin's family only.

The New Market area is triangular shaped with high minaret-like arches on three sides. The market has a total of 440 shops and a triangular lane in the middle. The total area of this market is 35 acres. (1,40,000 sq. meter.).

In the eighties, the northern part of the market established a separate section New Super Market for crockeries and Banalota Market for kitchen utensils. A grocery market was also established in the D block. Later 60 new shops got allotment by the mosque.

The new supermarket for crockeries, the rough market for kitchen utensils, a unique section for miscellaneous items and a grocery market in D Block added a new dimension on the northern part of New Market. There was a beautiful garden on the border of this market, which was later converted into a mosque and allotted 72 new shops by the mosque.

In the 50s and 60s, New Market was one of the most beautiful places to shop and have a good time. There was a Novelty ice cream shop during that time and it was one of the most popular places among the youth. This is why the place got popular.

Although Dhaka is a conservative city, Newmarket was a safe place for young people to hang out with their family and friends. Further, college and university students used to spend their evenings traveling to New Market.

The novel was about an ice cream shop here. The shop was one of the most popular places among the youth. This is why this area is popular.

Despite the many evolutions and inclusions that have taken place over the past half-century, New Market is still the "NEW" to everyone. Over the years the market expanded its reach to meet the demand, but it did not modernize. From grocery to books, magazines, jewelry, glasses, local and western crockery, and home furnishings, Newmarket is always ready to meet all your potential needs.

New Market is famous for the availability of good quality products at a cheap price. You can buy clothing, cosmetics, shoes, boys' T-shirts, shirts, pants, etc. From sofa covers to home curtains, bedsheets, vases, wall mats, shoes, travel bags, and other utensils can be easily found in this market. Whether it is a shop or a sidewalk, New Market is known in Dhaka for buying cheap items.

Further, if you want to get the latest western fashion, you can definitely come to Newmarket. Our domestic garment factories are supplying quality garments to many countries in the western world, including the United States. You may also get those products in New Market.

A large number of people in Bangladesh have become accustomed to Western-style clothing. Under the huge roof of New Market there is a huge collection of anything you want.

Dhaka New Market remains the go-to shopping destination for Dhaka dwellers. With a wide variety of clothing, jewelry, and other items, shoppers will find something to buy no matter what the occasion. Whether it is for yourself or as a gift, New Market is the place to go.

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