The probe body found contractor firm China Gezhouba Group Company Limited is responsible in the Uttara tragedy where five people were killed as a girder of BRT project fell on a private car on Monday, said ABM Amin Ullah Nuri, secretary to the Road Transport and Highways Division.

The probe committee identified four reasons behind the accident, said Amin Ullah at a press briefing on Tuesday.

Firstly, despite Monday being a public holiday the contractor firm decided to go for relocating girders without any prior plan. The accident occurred when shifting the second girder to the designated place, which he described as 'sheer negligence' on the part of the contractor firm.

Secondly the activities were not involved in the traffic management and no traffic police was informed about the work.

The third reason they gave is that the crane flipped over from the accident spot was high and the other side was low. That's why the crane overturned there.

Lastly the crane operator got confused due to the heavy rush of the vehicles and suddenly pushed the brakes on the crane, he said.

"We have asked the police to arrest the crane operator and he will give the detailed information about the accident. They did it earlier too but why has the accident occurred? The consultant provides a work plan but no work plan was found for Monday. The Chinese workers were conducting the whole work by drivers," he added.

Chief Engineer AKM Manir Hossain of Roads and Highways said road safety is the main issue of any construction work and no agreement was signed without ensuring the road safety.

Consultant and Project Personal of the project look into the safety measurement, he said.

Meanwhile, Additional secretary of Roads Transport ad Highway Division and also the chief of the committee, Neelima Akter found contractor firm China Gezhouba Group Company Limited responsible for the death of five people. The contractor firm repeatedly violated the safety issue and she will inform the Chinese Embassy about it.

Replying to a question, Neelima said, "There is no way to avoid responsibility and we do not want any compromise in it."

Besides, Amin Ullah said highest punishment will be taken against the contractor firm in connection with the death of five people who were killed after a girder fell on a private car in Uttara.

"Punitive actions like imposing fine or highest punishment will be taken for the issue," he said.

He also hinted to take action against those officials concerned of the ministry if found responsible.

"As far as I know those who showed negligence have been terminated and punitive actions were taken against those involved in negligence," said Amin Ullah.

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