Drawing is the foundation of all art forms, and that is not a very new concept or theory. The existence of drawing is insanely deep-rooted, because this specific route through which human beings express their different sets of expression, got its beginning even before the invention and practices of languages in society. The fundamental recipe, behind all the simplest and gyroscopic artworks. The compassionate companion of a true artist, which helps in structuring and orchestrating the masterful melodies on the canvases. Drawing never refused to be the constant shadow behind every artist, but unfortunately it does not often get the admiration and justice, which it truly deserves.

Rejuvenating the culture of celebrating the practice of drawing, Gallery Cosmos once again brought back its daylong tribute to the basic through its latest flagship event "The Passion of Drawing - 2," at its Garden Gallery in the capital's Baridhara. Emphasizing the importance of drawing in the realm of postmodern arts, six leading artistic stalwarts of the country including freedom fighter-painter Biren Shome, eminent indigenous artist Kanak Chanpa Chakma, art maestro Farida Zaman, veteran painter Abdus Shakoor Shah, contemporary artist Anukul Mojumder, and young artist Abdullah Al Bashir participated in this daylong event, showcasing their talent through live drawing sketches.

The second edition of this special event was conceptualised and organised by Tehmina Enayet, director of Gallery Cosmos and joined by a large number of eminent and influential personalities from home and beyond, including the Norwegian ambassador in Dhaka Espen Rikter-Svendsen as one of the honorary guests. From 11 am to 3 pm, the artists participated in live drawing sessions by drawing a florist woman, Kulsum, who makes garlands at the Shahbagh intersection and a local rickshaw-puller, Mohammad Belal, as the live models on their respective canvases. Accompanied by the majestic tune of flautist and artist Shamol Bishwas, the artists used charcoal, pencil, pastel, acrylic and mixed mediums on their canvases for projecting the live drawings.

After the sessions, the artists till 8 pm interacted with prominent and enthusiastic art admirers who came to visit the event and celebrate the togetherness of art and nature at the beautiful, picturesque venue of the Garden Gallery.

Reminiscing the root:

Conceptualized by Gallery Cosmos Director Tehmina Enayet, the present version of the program has a historic and Influential backstory. Thirty years ago, the gallery organized a similar event with revered and beloved artist and legendary printmaker late Kalidas Karmakar in the same venue. Reminiscing about that glorious event, Tehmina Enayet said, "Drawing is the most authentic and coveted artform - the mother of all arts. Thirty years ago at this exact venue, we initiated a similar event dedicated to drawing with our very own Kalidas Karmakar. This year, we realized it would be wonderful if we organize this event here once again; and through the jovial participation of our seven eminent artists, we organized the first edition of 'The Passion of Drawing' back in February. The participating artists and visiting art enthusiasts exceeded our expectations, and as a result, we moved forward with even more festivity with this second edition of this wonderful event."

The jovial revival:

"Reviving the art form known as drawing has been our prime intention behind organizing the second edition of this special event, "The Passion of Drawing" by our Gallery Cosmos. We are grateful to our participating prominent Bangladeshi artists who showcased their brilliance through the live drawing sessions today in this beautiful setting accompanied by live music, and we are immensely proud to patronize our own arts through these wonderful drawing artworks," Gallery Cosmos Executive Director Nahar Khan said, describing the second edition of this exclusive event.

A creative rendezvous:

One of the differentiating factors of the event was that it featured a unique collaboration between the painters, flutist, art admirers - all under the same open sky at the Garden Gallery. Kate Jaro Khan, Artistic Director of Gallery Cosmos said that the focus of the event was to present a unique art event with live works on life drawing, where the admirers can explore the journey together with the artists behind every artwork. "Our first event back in February received overwhelming responses, and the jovial participation of our eminent artists and art enthusiasts exceeded our expectations in this session as well." she told DC.

Through the eyes of the artists:

Veteran artist Abdus Shakoor Shah lauded the initiative for reviving the practice of life drawing. "Back in the days when we were students, we used to practice life drawing with models under the tutelage of our Shilpacharya Zainul Abedin. Drawing is the key to every art and it feels really good to explore that artistic vision once again, today at this event," he told DC.

Freedom Fighter and eminent Bangladeshi painter Biren Shome participated in the first edition of the event back in February. Speaking on the event, he said: "The uniqueness of the event is that it is a daylong event, so the artists go through a creative challenge regarding time and creativity. Artists who have adequate knowledge on drawing, can showcase their creativity on any given topic. This unique art event wonderfully made a great tribute to drawing, and I am overwhelmed to be a part."

Eminent indigenous artist Kanak Chanpa Chakma said, "This event somewhat became a refreshing breathing space for us, the artists; who are used to working on big canvases. Drawing is the root of all arts, and through the ambience, the art-admiring audiences and the overall hospitality of Gallery Cosmos, we have enjoyed reliving our drawing skills."

Emphasizing the importance of drawing, art maestro and Ekushey Padak winning Bangladeshi painter Dr Farida Zaman said: "Adequate knowledge on drawing is an utmost necessity for every artist. We often see art camps and workshops featuring different artistic activities; however, this kind of unique event solely dedicated to drawing is very rarely seen in our country and I am honored to be a part of this event, courtesy of Gallery Cosmos.

Joining the event for the first time, renowned artist Anukul Mojumder said: "The tranquillity of this venue instantly enlightened my soul and ignited my passion. Through acrylic and charcoal, I portrayed my live drawings of our models and I very much enjoyed this daylong event alongside our respected artists and admirers. Gratitude goes to Gallery Cosmos for such a well-organized drawing event."

Young artist Abdullah Al Bashir also echoed the same as another of the newest painters for this series. Lauding the initiative to DC, Bashir said: "Drawing is important not only for the young artists, but also for everyone associated in the artistic realm. I think Gallery Cosmos is doing a commendable job hosting this befitting tribute to the basic, in this picturesque venue of the Garden Gallery."

The idea behind this special series is to celebrate the artistic vision behind the drawing, and this event is set to continue as a regular drawing series, according to Gallery Cosmos Executive Artistic Manager Sourav Chowdhury.

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