Are you seeking a comfy place outside your home to browse books and read in a calm environment? Steaming tea or coffee with snacks can make the reading more enjoyable. Let's delve into some popular cafes in Dhaka city, where bookworms can immerse themselves in reading with a nice blend of coffee.

9 Bookstore and Reading Cafes in Dhaka

Pathak Shamabesh

Pathak Shamabesh is a fantastic spot for a cosy date with your favourite book. This place is popular among people of all ages. This library, founded in 1987, also serves as a bookstore, offering a great collection of books. Different genres, including concept books, picture books, fiction, children's books, romance, and fantasy, are available for exploration.

Additionally, Pathak Shamabesh has a unique feature: the Reader's Club Membership account. This allows patrons to create an account and maintain a credit balance by depositing BDT 20,000 in advance. Operating from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM every day, it is open for seven days a week.

Bengal Boi

In Dhaka, Bengal Boi, established in 2017, stands out as a renowned bookstore cafe and hangout spot, championing reading across all age groups. This cosy cafe offers a diverse selection of books and magazines, complemented by refreshing tea. Ideal for enjoying nature, it operates from 12:00 PM to 8:00 PM, seven days a week.

Alongside fast food options, Bengal Boi hosts various programmes and activities to foster a love for reading and supports emerging writers through book promotions and events. With its well-organised layout and picturesque garden, it is the perfect haven to appreciate literature and the outdoors.

Boi Chottor

Boi Chottor in Shyamoli, Dhaka, is a delightful bookstore cafe offering a unique collection of imported original books. Operating from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM every day, it provides various services like dine-in, outdoor seating, curbside pickup, and in-store pickup. Additionally, they offer nationwide book home delivery.

With free wifi and a cosy ambience, customers can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea while exploring the shelves. Ample seating areas cater to readers and scholars alike. Boi Chottor also serves a variety of coffee, tea, and snacks, with designated spaces for children to indulge in reading. Occasional discounts add to the allure of this charming establishment.


Discover a haven for book enthusiasts at PBS, the pioneering chain bookstore cafe in Bangladesh. Established in 2010, it caters to readers of all ages and educational backgrounds. Operating from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM every day, PBS offers an extensive collection covering various fields such as world literature, science, philosophy, sociology, history, economics, politics, law, and religion.

They also stock materials for A-level students. Moreover, PBS features a vibrant children's reading and play zone adorned with shelves of colourful books, making it an ideal destination for families seeking a children-friendly environment to nurture a love for reading.


Founded by Dipankar Das in 2005 in Chattogram, Baatighar has expanded its reach to four districts of Bangladesh, including Dhaka, Sylhet, and Rajshahi. Renowned among book lovers, it offers a haven for those seeking solace in the world of literature. With its creative interior, Baatighar provides an elevated reading experience, whether you are immersed in fantasy or historical novels.

While visitors can not take books home, they can spend hours indulging in their passion. Operating from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM every day, Baatighar not only offers a cup of tea but also serves as a library open to all readers. This makes it unrivalled in the country in terms of its collection, ambience, and reader-friendly policies.

The Reading Café, Dhanmondi

The Reading Café stands out as a distinctive haven for book enthusiasts. Since its establishment in 2014, it has garnered acclaim as an importer, supplier, and retailer of international books across various genres. Operating from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM daily, it offers a serene ambience where patrons can indulge in their impressive selection of books while savouring a cup of coffee or tea.

Renowned for its relaxing atmosphere and diverse offerings, it is a perfect spot for book exploration and unwinding. The café also hosts frequent book parties and literary events, with customers enjoying discounts on special occasions. For these, it is a cherished destination for those seeking something special and unique.

Bookworm Bangladesh

Bookworm has been a cherished haven for avid readers. Established in 1994, Bookworm Bangladesh has evolved into a premier bookstore cafe, offering a vast collection of imported books across genres. Operating from 10:30 AM to 8:00 PM daily, it beckons visitors with its welcoming atmosphere and rustic charm.

Best known for its largest collection of English books, Bookworm has been a beloved destination for book lovers of all ages for over three decades. Its interior design and serene ambience make it perfect for photo enthusiasts and nature observers alike, cementing its status as a cherished spot in Dhaka's literary landscape.

Nerdy Bean Coffee Haus

Nerdy Bean Coffee Haus in Dhanmondi offers a unique retreat for bookworms and socialisers alike. With its vintage-style interior and eclectic decor, it provides visitors a cosy ambiance. Since its inception in 2017, Nerdy Bean has become a beloved spot in Dhaka, operating from 8:30 AM to 11:30 PM daily.

Unlike other coffee shops, it stands out for its extensive book collection, adorned with small plants and inspiring quotations. Ideal for hanging out with friends, visitors can indulge in coffee, desserts, and hours of reading English books. For a memorable cafe experience in Dhaka, Nerdy Bean is the ultimate destination.


Founded by Mohidul Alam in 2023, this study cafe offers more than just a quiet place to hit the books. Here, you can also tackle your workload, engage in group studies, host work meetings, or even set up a remote office for the day.

With a variety of food items available, including coffee, drinks, shakes, sandwiches, and waffles, there's something to satisfy every craving. Plus, amenities like private dining, free WiFi, and non-smoking environments ensure a comfortable and productive atmosphere.

Best of all, there is no entry fee, and prices for food and drinks are reasonable. This study cafe welcomes you to come in and make it your second home.

Bottom Lines

Dhaka boasts an array of, bookstores, reading and study cafes catering to the diverse preferences of avid readers and students alike. Whether you seek a quiet corner to delve into a novel or a stimulating environment to study, these cafes offer a calm and peaceful environment that makes them ideal sanctuaries for book lovers and learners.

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