The artist’s solo show at Galleri Kaya

Nature has always been Shohag Parvez's greatest source of inspiration. He always tries to communicate with nature. The painter feels that the nature has an endless source of splendor, mystery and anonymity. He finds inspiration in the elaborate detailing of glimpses like light filtering through the leaves, sound of river's wave, the silence of nature, a drop of rain, singing crickets, dense foliage, the play of light and shadow in nature, flora and fauna as well as many others. Each of these elements contains a new story for him and an invitation to embark on a new journey.

Shohag is a nature watercolourist. His keen aptitude is to draw the philosophical aspect of nature, its volume and colour to create sensitive vibes. The painter, considered one of the most devoted among contemporary Bangladeshi painters, has a zeal for portraying the splendour of nature, serene environment, riverine life, cloudy skies and hilly areas. He believes that we are all part of nature, but some of us closely observe nature with intense passion.

Shohag began his career as a naturist painter, demonstrating the panoramic world with its rich abundance of colours, views, light, shade and calm. He prefers seasonal changes, tranquil landscapes, ponds, lakes, mustard and green paddy fields in autumn, rainy days and blue skies. Solitude and serenity are two vital components in Shohag's works. The subjects of his works are in a solemn mood and their characteristics are consistently highlighted. Lighting is a prominent feature in his paintings and the artist generally prefers incandescent light and mystifying settings. At times, his figures (villagers, farmers and ethnic people) look immobile and impel us into reflecting on their experiences. The painter feels he must demonstrate their everyday woes and bliss on his canvas.

Shohag's quiet and profoundly meditative landscape contains a symbolism that alludes to peace and hope in nature. The paintings appear more serene because of its lucid colours. He produces plain air water colour and focuses his attention on impressive phenomena such as soft light and drizzle, which reflects his detailed study on landscape. Azure, emerald green, yellow, black and white are predominant aspects in his works. Villages, ships, boats and villagers' chores have been depicted in his works. His lines are very lyrical and spontaneous. A scrupulous balancing of light and shade is another trait in his works. The painter's works have a pictorial space where boats and ships are immersed in the river and in waterways. His works emerge in lively form.

Realism is his forte. Shohag has the ability to create an authentic setting as a backdrop for themes to intensify the drama. He has used quiet colours and tones where country's socio-economical and cultural structures have also been highlighted. Illumination is an outstanding trait in the works and the artist generally prefers luminous light and mystifying backgrounds.

In his career, Shohag has developed an individual style particularly in watercolour medium. He prefers the medium firstly and foremostly for its trait of articulateness. The medium's lucidity gives him a liberty to impart his creativity smoothly. Many of his watercolours have also been done by agile brushstrokes. He possesses adequate insistence and potentials necessary for transforming visual insight of the world into a heart-rending approach. He draws pleasure from watercolour which enables him to interpret his inner thriving. In recent times, Shohag has proved his dexterity in portraying the details of light and shadow while reflecting on nature at work in torrential rain, swallowed river with tiny boats and quiet nature.

After close observation, it can be comprehended that Shohag's watercolours are refreshing, thoughtful and provide the viewers a sense of ecstasy. Most of his watercolours are lively and have the right kind of self-control. He knows where to draw conclusions. The artist feels that nature has its own rhythm and his main focus is to unfold the pulses of nature. Loneliness and quietness are the most important features of his works. He muses that we are alone with nature, and then we become part of it - we participate in it.

Shohag's themes and approaches are closely connected to physiological experiments. He has also added illusions and emotions to his works. His use of colours is mellow, expressive and nostalgic. His watercolours are superb in terms of his personal techniques and in creating the effects of water and essence of nature.

Shohag frequently goes outdoor in different locations in the country. He visits the spots first and then goes off to draw their surroundings. He does not believe in replicating photographs. Rather he tries to feel the surroundings in their true essence from the core of his heart, a desire which has further motivated him to immerse himself with the ambiance of nature.

The exhibition began on October 13 and will continue till October 27.

The writer is an art critic and cultural curator.

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