Everyone is talking about visa restrictions imposed by the US and how that will impact Bangladesh. Those who may be affected fall under the category of politicians, law enforcers, amlas and now even media. That's a big list and many are interested to know who made it to the same. Several lists are already circulating but have not gained credibility or traction.

99% of the people are not bothered since they are not in any of the categories but they are underestimating the impact of the "visa rejection syndrome". This has been studied by several universities and scholars have been looking in detail at the way this will influence private and public life, behavior and perceptions in Bangladesh including pension details.

The economists view

According to an analysis of such situations carried out by the think tank CVDR (Center for Visa Denied research), those denied or fearing denial of a US visa develop strange symptoms of "longing for the US", and as a reaction, buy US artefacts and gifts. Next they post pics of themselves in US locations on the FB and later send those gifts to their friends and enemies on the FB.

These pics are easy to Photoshop to show that they have been to the US as facts suggest. Meanwhile, the World Bank IMF has conducted surveys in various visa denied countries and found that there are several Visa denied income sources which can emerge due to this so it isn't all bad news.

Discussing these issues on a zoom talk show on FB several leading economists said that we need to diversify our income sources RMG and migration so visa bans are actually positive. It should be seen as a sort of a "failed migration" and new loans should be granted to facilitate more visa bans and expand the sector.

Arranged marriages and Visa denied

After a period of decline, the arranged marriage sector has made a revival particularly due to corona when socializing declined due to sneezing at the wrong time. As a result, romantic relationships were less and so was cheka so more were keen to hitch up. That is one area which will be affected by visa bans.

Given that the ruling party looks after its loyalists, "Visa Denial" is an important addition to marriage criteria and qualifications. So any person who had been denied a visa can claim extra benefits and attention and hence the more fair complexioned bride as a reward.

The result will be an extensive Visa denied list to be prepared by the Ministry of Marriages which will keep going like the FF list. And in Bangladesh, when a list is prepared, naturally seats are always available in return for the right payment. Soon hundreds will join the list and a VD" will be considered equal to an FF. Bir Visa Joddha will be a valuable title which will replace Bir MF.

"VIsa Denied (VD)" job quota

However, before marrying comes jobs so the VD will naturally demand a job quota in every sector including the BCS. So the quota market will see a new quota along with women, FFs, adibasi and district quota etc. However, VD quota will be more sensitive as its direct activism cause. However, while some problems may remain for diplomats posted to the US, in general it could be a positive step. That will put more pressure on the other quota holders leading to more conflict and more street movements demanding VD rights for all.

"Visa Etim"

But the big impact will be on how the VD is depicted in popular literature and culture. It will not only be a social or economic divider but a physical divider as well. A story line could be like this. An expat gets married and after some time here leaves for the West. But when the other spouse wants to join the partner on a spouse visa, its denied. Huge tragedy and after a lot of weeping and crying they are forced to accept the reality split due to circumstances.

But the story doesn't end here as the bride becomes pregnant and when the child is born, it becomes a "visa etim".

A new USA without VD?

Since people are so keen to visit or move to the US, it's inevitable that another US is needed to accommodate them. In view of the greater public demand, the only way out is to build another USA. Soon people will invent a digital US where people can apply to and go and never have to have their visa application rejected or denied. Like a paradise of the VD.

Apart from the political baggage, it's also a sign that the applying class's confidence in their own world is shakier than ever. And the US has already become their virtual motherland while this place is where they earn their money to fund their application for Visa.

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