Where to even begin about the penultimate episode of the final season of Game of Thrones! It had summed up nearly everything despite dividing fans to the farthest extent. Final face-off between Daenerys Targaryen and Cersei Lannister turned out to be bloody and brutal.

The inception of the episode pictures a concerned Varys seemingly trying to poison the mother of dragons. He appears plotting against Dany to put Jon on the throne. Upon knowing from Tyrion about it she Dracarys'd him for good or bad you will find later in the episode. Farewell the Spider!

Next up Tyrion's plea to Daenerys for sparing the commoners of Kings Landing which is accepted upon their surrender. Jon's actions reveal that he can no longer love his aunt/lover the same which hurts Dany even more. 'let it be fear' she says in agony.

While Arya and Hound advances towards Kings Landing, Tyrion frees his brother Jaime (caught by Dany's army) to pursue Cersei to leave the city.

The last war of the series kicks off next morning with lots and lots of fire and blood. Dany and Drogon immediately destroy the iron fleet, all the scorpion even the golden company. Yes, the super expensive mercenaries Cersei bought wiped out within minutes courtesy of dragonfire.

The fall of Kings Landing is imminent and already soldiers are dropping weapons. This is where the real massacres begin. Dany who was hinting it since long before finally loses her cool. Even after hearing the surrendering tone of titular 'The Bell' she starts slaughtering the common people living in Kings Landing. Ironically destroying everything she wished to rule over instead of becoming a 'Queen of Ashes'. A helpless Jon and Davos can put up little resistance against Dothraki hordes, Unsullied and fellow Northeners keep butchering people left and right.

As Qyburn pursues Cersei to move to a seemingly safer place they along the Mountain encounter the Hound who managed to sent Arya back to find a better future biding final goodbyes. Qyburn meets his end in hand of the Mountain who disobeys him and Cersei. The Cleganebowl begins as Cersei quickly zooms past them. An intense swordfight starts between two brothers.

Down the Red Keep another battle is taking place between two lovers Jaime and Euron at the secret passage end. Where a mortally wounded Jaime is finally able to kill the menacing pirate. In the fight between the Mountain and the Hound no one is the clear winner as Sandor 'Hound' Clegane in a desperate attempt jumps into fire with his zombie brother to finish him off.

Arya Stark is seen helplessly trying to find an exit and then devoting herself in saving the citizens. Tyrion wanders near the walls of the capital witnessing the horrors of one mad queen. Yes, full deserving the title as she walked right into her father's shoes. All the repressed rage finally took over her and the remaining male Targaryen is not happy about it.

Cersei Lannister the notorious queen meets her lover/brother Jaime down the Red Keep where both of them rekindle and Cersei finally breaks expressing her fear; desperation for staying alive. But alas! the storming of fire made the tower crumble on them! Dany finally got the revenge as we bid farewell to Jaime Lannister and his sister who have been around since episode 1 of the entire series.

The fifth and most lowest ranked episode of the entire franchise had its fair shares of flaws but the unpredictable deaths, gore and shifts in character development makes up for it. 'The Bells' will not satisfy every niche of fans but that does not mean it was unenjoyable.

In a crucial ending sequence, we find an injured Arya in the city burned to ashes. After a long time in the series she seems unsure about her moves but she manages to ride a horse pale like death's ride. Maybe the master assassin of Westeros has embarked on a journey to shut the last remaining set of green eyes, who knows!

The final episode of Game of Thrones will air on May 20.

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