Farmhouse Burger is one of those places in town that I could go to multiple times without getting bored. Their well-crafted menu and ambience make this place a great place to hangout with friends and family or even go on a cozy date. Located at the south end of Gulshan Avenue in the Bay Development building, they are located underground which might take you a while to spot.

Once you enter, their warm lighting and pub style setting will lighten your mood. Their well trained servers presented a menu to us and one of their owners, Nadine Khan, was present there to explain the new additions to their menu. I noticed that some of their prices had been cut down and she explained that over the months they were able to cut down costs where necessary and make Farmhouse a place which everyone could afford. I was really impressed with this genuine remark.

I ordered the Bob Marley and Ricky Bobby Melt from their burger section, fried pickles and the Strawberry Shortcake Shake. The Bob Marley is a jerk marinated chicken with pineapple salsa, green lettuce and lime aioli. It was so refreshing to have a fruity flavor to a burger; something that I would have never imagined. The only issue I had with this burger is the thickness of the chicken which was too thin for me.

The Ricky Bobby Melt is a beef burger on toast with jalapeno, cheddar, chipotle pepper sauce, caramelized onions. If you had (and know) Bombay Toast as a kid, this will definitely bring back some memories. This burger cum sandwich was properly toasted with a sweet touch to it. The minced beef and cheddar gave it a classic backyard burger taste and the sweet, sharp and smoky taste of the caramelized onions made this melt a delicious one.

The Fried Pickles were crispy because of the hand-batter that they use. I have had this side before but they definitely changed the recipe. It tasted lighter and had bits of fried peppers along with jalapenos as well. Previously they had a ranch sauce as a dipping which was too tangy for me to go with the jalapenos but now they mixed it up with in house made mayonnaise which made the consistency thicker and also helped in cutting down the tangy taste. A must have if you visit Farmhouse Burger in my opinion.

The Strawberry Shortcake Shake's core ingredients were strawberries, shortbread crumbs and whipped cream. Previously, I was a huge fan of their Nutty Italian shake but now I can say without hesitance that this is the best shake in their menu and perhaps in town. It was thick, not overly sweet and refreshing! Perfect summer drink if you ask me. The strawberries tasted really fresh and the shortcake crumbs were giving it a buttery and baked cookie taste.

Overall, Farmhouse Burger is definitely worth the money. You don't just pay for the food but also the amazing service and ambiance.

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