The character of Tyrion Lannister on the HBO television series 'Game of Thrones' was highly popular among the viewers, because of the actor who portrayed the character- Peter Dinklage. Peter does not have the height and size of an 'average' man. Average, which denotes all the stigmas that society forcefully labeled upon the humanity- that one must have to be tall, strong and beautiful enough to be presented. Peter was not the first, however- he was one of the most popular who challenged the theory. Back to Bangladesh, thankfully the country had someone who resembled so much with Peter and had the ability to strong above the crowd, despite of being a 'dwarf'. Unfortunately the mentioning has to follow the past tense because the man is no more. He was the stigma-breaker actor, writer and director Humayun Sadhu.

Born in May 1st, 1982- Sadhu was raised in Chattogram. Generally the teen-age period is the scariest time period in the life of a growing teen-ager, but the horror started for him at early ages when he understood that people bully him for something that was not under his control- his height. He never really talked much about his early ages, as the people would never really understand what he had gone through over the years despite of being a really, really meritorious man. Probably for that reason, he named his Facebook profile as 'Whomayun Sadhu', probably challenging everyone that he would not answer who he was- his talent spoke for him. That started when he moved in Dhaka.

Sadhu shifted to Dhaka in 2001, with an ambition to make a career on Television and films. Later on, he joined 'Chabial', one of the most successful groups of directors under the direct guidance and mentorship of country's one of the most popular and critically acclaimed, successful director Mostafa Sarwar Farooki. Sadhu started working as an assistant director on Farooki's TV projects, along with up and coming talented directors including Ashfaque Nipun, Redoan Rony, Adnan-Al-Rajeev, Mohammad Mostofa Kamal Raz and others. He made his debut in films through acting in Farooki's film 'Made in Bangladesh', released in 2007. He continued mesmerizing everyone through his acting in some other movies including the recently released 'Shapludu', 'Beauty Circus', 'Chorabali' etc and was gearing up to work on his first cinema Homo Sapiens.

Despite of being vital parts in films, Sadhu's career really skyrocketed through two of his acted dramas- 'Un Manush' and 'Chikon Pin er Charger'. He earned massive popularity and critical acclaim with these two works, where he brought out the ugly truth that the society is not purely welcoming for people like him. In reality Sadhu earned every bit of respect and love from his friends and fans because of his talent and hard works- but he portrayed the truth for the majority of people with physical disadvantages. 'Chikon Pin er Charger' was his directorial debut, and the naming is highly interesting. He considered himself as not disadvantaged, but vintage.

Also being a writer, Sadhu published his first and unfortunately the only book 'Nonai', which was launched at Amor Ekushey Boi Mela this year. A great brain like that would definitely create more revolutionary literatures for years, if he was alive. Turned out he brain got attacked severe brain strokes for multiple times, before he had to give up. On 25th October, he had to surrender his life to the inevitable truth of death- but until that, Sadhu always remained on top, conquering all the height barriers the society put in front of him. He was certainly a stigma-defining, multi-diversified brave heart.

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