Director Fahmi stars in web series 'Haresa'


Director Iftekhar Ahmed Fahmi has been in discussion table again for his new role in acting on the screen of a web series named ‘Haresa’ directed by Wasim Sita.

Director said the film is completely in the style of a thriller. Here is the story of one who murdered his wife and gets released from jail after five years. Many are particularly excited to see the main character of Fahmi in the web series. In the meantime, the film has triggered a lot of discussions.

Apart from Iftekhar Ahmed Fahmi, Arsha, Hindol Roy, Nasir Uddin Khan, Anwar, and Shah Mir have also acted. In this, there will be six-episode and each episode will have 15-20 minutes.

Iftekhar Ahmed Fahmi is a well-known Bangladeshi film director, producer, and writer who has already established himself in the Bangladeshi showbiz arena by his extraordinary talent. In fact, he is notable for his movie ‘House Full’ and ‘Made in Bangladesh’.

Iftekhar Ahmed Fahmi was born on September 28 in1983. He was so much passionate about the media arena from early life and finally build up a career in the showbiz arena.

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  • Director Fahmi stars in web series 'Haresa'

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