Bangladesh Bank (BB) suddenly changed the US dollar rate at the interbank exchange rate on Tuesday.

The central bank says that the selling price of the dollar in interbank transactions on Tuesday was Tk106.15. And in the interbank transaction, the purchase price of the dollar is Tk101.67.

But it is not the central bank rate, it is the dollar trading rate between the banks themselves. The price at which banks trade dollars is called the interbank rate.

Recently, the price at which the central bank used to buy and sell dollars was referred to as the interbank rate. The BB has been publishing that price on the website.

But today (Tuesday) the central bank suddenly changed the price. Last Sunday, the selling price of the dollar was shown at Tk95 on the website. Yesterday (Monday), the price of the dollar was increased by Tk1 to Tk 96.

Today (Tuesday) the selling price of the dollar is shown on BB's website as more than Tk106. And the purchase price is showing around Tk102.

However, even today, the BB has sold $4.5 crore from forex reserves at the rate of Tk96.

The central bank officials say that the price at which banks will buy and sell dollars will be the interbank rate. That will be published on the website. But the central bank will not sell at this rate.

The BB Executive Director and Spokesperson Md Sirajul Islam told UNB, "The price of the dollar was increased to Tk 96 yesterday. Even today the central bank sold dollars at this price."

He is not aware why the price of dollars is being shown so high on the website.

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