The China-Bangladesh relationship is characterized by close political, economic and military ties. China's 43-year journey with Bangladesh has expanded the areas of cooperation and explored new avenues to cooperate. Hope, this diplomatic relations will continue to keep on the path of peaceful development.

Heartiest felicitations on the Occasion of the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China and the 43th Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between China and Bangladesh

A unique example of friendship and loyalty

China is the home of arts and culture and also the world's most populous country and Asia's largest state in terms of size. China is, for the most part, an extremely homogeneous society composed of people who share one language, culture, and history. For many decades, especially from the 7th century to the 14th century, China was the most advanced civilization in the world. Various elements of modern civilization, such as paper, printing, gunpowder, clay, silk and the compass first invented in China, and from there spread elsewhere in the world.

In 1949, there was a civil war in China and the government lost control of mainland China to the Communist Party, which established the People's Republic of China and took control of all of mainland China. On October 1, 1949, the People's Republic of China was formally established. The people's congress system is China's fundamental political system. The Constitution of the People's Republic of China provides that state power belongs to the people.

The ten years from 1957 to 1966 was the period in which China started large-scale socialist construction. In 1979, China instituted a guiding policy of "reform and opening to the outside world" and the focus was shifted to modernization. Major efforts were made to reform the economic and political systems. China was step by step establishing a road with Chinese characteristics, a road that would lead to socialist modernization. As a result of further reforms in the 1980s and 1990s, the Chinese economy from 1980 to 1995 grew at a rate of 10% per year. At present, the economy of China becomes the world's biggest economy. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations, China and Bangladesh have been good neighbors, friends, and partners based on equality, mutual respect, and mutual trust. Traditional values still play a central role in Chinese policymaking. And China's rise as a global leader has highlighted how traditional cultural values, especially the value of harmony influence modern Chinese foreign policy.

Independence, sovereignty, territory integrity and openness are the basic aim of Chinese foreign policy. China's foreign policies and behavior on the global stage have significantly contributed to the romotion of international peace and cooperation. Both China and Bangladesh are dedicated to building a closer comprehensive partnership of cooperation. With extensive cooperation in various sectors, Bangladesh and China look all set for elevating their to newer coming days.

China-Bangladesh relations reach unprecedented heights

Bangladesh and China have a rich heritage of cultural interactions and trade. The two countries are neighbours and nations with resplendent and long-standing civilizations. In the process of interaction, the two countries shared more and more identical views, deepened mutual understanding and friendship, enlarged common ground and formed the theme of peaceful and harmonious exchanges. China, one of the major development partners of Bangladesh, has funded a number of projects in various sectors including the infrastructure and power sectors of Bangladesh. As a mark of friendship, it has built a number of bridges, known as the China-Bangladesh Friendship Bridge. In spite of differences between political ideologies and social and cultural system, the two countries are maintaining an excellent diplomatic relationship.

Since the establishment of diplomatic relations, China and Bangladesh have had close cooperation in the military field. Military cooperation is an important part of the all-dimensional cooperation between China and Bangladesh. Both sides have agreed to maintain the current positive momentum of cooperation between the two armed forces, and enhance cooperation and exchanges in all areas and levels to promote greater development of bilateral relations. China not only is a reliable and affordable source of weapons and equipment for Bangladesh armed forces but also provides military technology and training. Inter-state relationships in South Asia in terms of relationships between the two countries gained a new dimension. The relationship between the two countries is constantly creating new prospects.

A Review of 43-Year Relations

As a great and trusted friend, China has always extended hands to cooperate Bangladesh. China is one of the major investors in Bangladesh. It is making its contribution to the overall development of the country. Bangladesh is closely working with China on major international and regional issues and to promote cooperation in the field of agriculture, tourism and infrastructure. China is also providing support and assistance to Bangladesh's journey towards Digital Bangladesh as enshrined in the Vision 2021.

In line with its' Digital Bangladesh vision the government has sought loan from China to implement various projects in the ICT sector. Bangladesh and China have agreed to remain actively engaged in the development of the economic corridor along with other countries. China has already increased the amount of grants and loans to Bangladesh as well as extended technical and financial assistance to many projects which are important for Bangladesh economy. In recent years the economic and trade ties between China and Bangladesh have considerably developed with gradual expansion in cooperation fields.

The bilateral relations witnessed smooth development, with more consolidated friendly cooperation in various areas of politics, economy, and culture.

Building peace through mutual cooperation

The history of Bangladesh and China is long and fascinating. Both China and Bangladesh are countries with time- honored history and splendid culture. Carrying a worldwide unique literature and culture with secular identity the two countries have served as a catalyst to establish diplomatic relationships.

Bangladesh is the third largest trading partner of China in South Asia. Bangladesh and China have been working for a better life to fulfill the common aspirations of their people for 41 years. Through the development of bilateral relations to consolidate the progress of the two countries is the beginning of a new era. The number of Bangladesh's infrastructure has been built with help of China's financial assistance. These include bridge, conference center etc. The prosperity of China's economy has created the possibility of large investments in developing countries like Bangladesh.

Over the years, the two countries have signed a plethora of bilateral agreements for building peace through mutual cooperation.

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