Bangladesh Jewellers Association (Bajus), a trade body, has notified an increase in the gold price by Tk 4,199 per bhori with effect from Sunday.

With the latest price, 22-carat gold will be sold at Tk82,464 per bhori, 21-carat gold at Tk 78,732 per bhori and 18-karat gold at Tk 67,534.

According to a press release, the price of gold has increased both in the international market and local market due to the appreciation of the dollar and some other currencies.

The price of traditional gold has been set at Tk 56,220 per bhori from Tk 53,362 per bhori, added the release.

Till Saturday, the price of 22-carat gold was Tk78,265 per bhori. The price of 21-carat gold was Tk74,707 per bhori while 18-carat gold was available at Tk64,035.

Earlier on May 17, Bajus raised the price of gold by Tk1,750 a bhori to Tk 78,265 in local markets.

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