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Tahmina releases semi-classical song


Tahmina Afrin has released her new original song for Eid music fans. Released on the YouTube channel of G-Series, the song is titled 'Megh Kanna'. Ever since its release it has garnered appreciations online, much to the amazement of Tahmina. Megh Kanna, in terms of genre, belongs to the Indian semi-classical family.

A music practitioner from her childhood, Tahmina is known for contributions in Lucky Akhand's album 'Hridoypurer Brishty.'  Tahmina favours songs, that are rich in lyrics and tunes and the composer of her newest song, Rezwan Sajjad has also tried to attain a fusion of the two. Megh Kanna has been particularly acknowledged for its unique blending of lyrics and tune. Inspired by the listeners' response, the vocalist Tahmina is looking forward to release more original songs.

Megh Kanna has been written by Khurshid Anwar, mixed and composed by Rezwan Sajjad and its music video has been directed by Raja Bashir. Rezwan Sajjad says that he has tried to capture the very concept of the lyrics by Khurshid through melodies. Whether he has succeeded or not listeners would decide, he noted.

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  • Tahmina releases semi-classical song

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