Poet and pro-VC of University of Dhaka, Muhammad Samad has become the recipient of "The Prizes 2018: The International Best Poet." The award is given every year by China's The International Poetry Translation and Research Centre or IPTRC. Nine other poets from nine other countries have been nominated for the year 2018. They are Dragos Barbu from Romania, Hilal Karahan from Turkey, Mite Stefoski from Macedonia, Tonia Passola from Catalonia of Spain, Ali Al-Hazmi from Saudi Arabia, Mandal Bijoy Beg from India, Fatime Kulli from Albenia, DUAN Guang'an from China and Dominique Hecq from Belgium.

Muhammad Samad, born in a remote village in 1956 of Bangladesh, is a famous poet, Professor and former Director at the Institute of Social Welfare and Research, University of Dhaka. He has served as the Vice Chancellor, University of Information Technology and Sciences (UITS). Currently he is serving as the Pro-Vice Chancellor of the University Dhaka, Bangladesh. Muhammad Samad has been writing poems since his school days. The first book of his verses Ekjan Rajnaitik Netar Menifesto (Manifesto of a Political Leader) was published in 1983 and won the Trivuj Literary Award in the same year among the young poets aged 25 years in Bangladesh. His other published books of verses are Selected Poems (bi-lingual), Premer Kabita (Love Poems) Kabitasangraha (Selected Collection of Poems), Aamar Duchokh Jala Vore (My Eyes get Wetted in Tears) Jay Aaj Sharater Akashe Purnima (The Full Moon in the Autumn Sky) Cholo, Tumul Bristite Bhiji (Let Us Be Drenched in Torrential Rain), Podabe Chandan Kaath (Will Burn Sandal Wood) Ami Noi Indrajit Megher Adale (I am not Indrajit Behind the Clouds) and Utsaber Kabita (Poems From Festival ed. Bengali poems rendered in the National Poetry Festival). Poems of Muhammad Samad have been translated into many language that include Chinese, Greek, English, Serb, Swedish, Sinhalese, and some Indian languages like Assames, Hindi, Kokborok, Tamil etc. He has received number of awards for his contribution to Bengali poetry and literature that made him widely known and honored. Among them are Poet Jasimuddin Literary Award, Poet Jibanananda Das Award and the Poet Sukanta Literary Award. Besides, He won Poet Bishnu Dey Award and Protom Alo Award from India. His poetry eloquently addresses the love, pain, plight and human life in many faces of the people of Bangladesh as well as other societies of the world. He is serving as the President of the Jatio Kobita Parishad (National Poetry of Bangladesh).

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