Fahmida Nabi keeps spreading happiness through music


“I had never thought or felt that I would do something other than music in my life.” This is how a leading exponent of modern music, Fahmida Nabi, puts her thoughts and love for music and life.

The worthy daughter of prominent singer Mahmudun Nabi, Fahmida Nabi, however, had no idea that music can be a source of income, too.

“You need to create happiness inside you. Life is mixed with full of happiness and sorrows. I would love to put my life in a place which is free from complexity,” she told Dhaka Courier in an interview.

The National Award winning singer Fahmida Nabi, having a melodious voice, believes, “People will look beautiful if you have the eyes to see beauty. I am not beautiful. You have the eyes to see beauties in me.”

The singer grew up in an extremely inspirational and cultural-minded family where music was deeply-rooted.

“It was my mother who decided to bring a classical music teacher – Ustad Aman Ullah Khan - for us,” Fahmida recalled taking a trip down the memory lane.

Talking about her father, she said her father sang each of the songs with much love from his heart. “These songs are still alive in people’s hearts.”

The prominent singer thinks many youngsters are singing very well now but they need to give proper and continuous concentration on what they are doing.

These days Fahmida is also writing songs, and articles for media outlets. “I can see whole sky through my window. It gives me much happiness when I see rain through my window. A cup of tea having visible vapour and a book in hand - I love this kind of environment which inspires me to think and write.”

Fahmida says she does not have any free time and she, in fact, loves to remain engaged with work, no matter what type of work it is.

“I love to inspire myself. I create enthusiasm inside me. I find my daughter – Anmol - as strength within me,” she said.

Fahmida, the elder sister of the eminent singer Samina Chowdhury and popular musician Pancham, values friendship with people deeply. “I love to interact with people. You can say I talk too much.”

She achieved many prestigious awards including the precious National Film Award as the Best Female Playback Singer (2007) for the song ‘Lukochuri Lukochuri Golpo’ in the film ‘Aha’, Channel i Performance Award as the Best Singer (2008), Meril Prothom Alo Award as the Best Singer (2009), Channel i-Citycell Award as the Best Singer (2013), and Channel i Music Award (2016 and 2017).

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  • Fahmida Nabi keeps spreading happiness through music
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