Early works of Hamiduzzaman revealed through Galleri Kaya

A pioneering watercolourist, Hamiduzzaman Khan is always searching for the esoteric chapter of creations in his voyages through the vast diverse ocean of nature. Most of his watercolours evoke a symbiotic relationship with bucolic nature and its various aspects. The simple life, panoramic view of rural ambiance where one can see the boats, a herd of cows, untainted nature, riverine life, hardworking folks and their daily chores are closely connected to each and others of the works. He plunges deep into the nature and rural people as he scrutinises their inner sights.

A number of thirteen watercolours have been done from the years 1963 to 1969, which have been collected from London by feted gallerist Goutam Chakraborty. It has been easily comprehended that the themes are intensely connected among the works and the portrait drawings have also been articulated with an unparalleled flair. It could be easily found out that he has had keen observation on noticed, unnoticed sights of pastoral community.

From the commencing of his artistic career, Hamiduzzaman has been able to create a new language for especially watercolour where colours have been presented in a very subdued way. Varieties of tones and the dramatic space also have been generated intentionally and occasionally unintentionally signifying how Hamiduzzaman has internalised the inner essence of nature in many of his works. What is also noteworthy is how he manages the synchronisation that requires a deep capacity to feel and respond to the beauty of nature in his works. Merriment of hues and lines has created a novel emotional and psychological depth in his watercolours. His works are characteristic for aesthetic balance and the watercolours seem to be a flowing stream. He has tried to capture the enigmas of nature and its different phases.

Hamiduzzaman's works are quiet, intensely contemplative and carry a transparent technique that enhances his use of the background as a dreamy appearance. He produces plein air watercolour technique (betrothed mainly in demonstrating effects of outdoor light and atmosphere) and focuses his attention on impressive phenomena such as soft light and a kind of pretty haziness. Sensual colours and appealing themes have given a different look to his creations.

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