Keeping fit is an important aspect of our life and should be a top priority for everyone. A fit person who has good health is definitely more efficient in carrying out his task either as a student in a school, a worker in an office or even a housewife at home.

There are different ways to keep fit. Observing a well - balanced diet daily is crucial. This would mean consuming meals that have all the essential amount of nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and mineral salts. Different kinds of food have different functions in building up and maintaining our bodies. Some may be needed to repair damaged tissues within while others are needed to strengthen our bones. For example, consuming lots of vegetables and food with fibre prevents constipation in a person as they provide roughage for our body system.

Though it is not always true that persons who are fit are always healthy as well, there is every reason to believe that fit people are usually healthy as well. Hence, being healthy appears to be the main reason to keep fit. Persons who keep fit can prevent serious diseases like heart disease and diabetes. In fact, it has been found that even people who are suffering from these diseases, can get and stay fit. eing fit is known to keep the diseases at bay. A person with heart disease or diabetes who keeps fit is usually able to take part in various physical activities like healthy people. It is, however, expected that everyone will get a physican's clearance before embarking on any strenuous physical activity.

With regard to keeping fit, there are many methods. They range from the inexpensive methods of jogging or walking to more expensive methods like workouts in gymnasiums, playing tennis or golf. There is bound to be a method which one can engage in within ones means. So many are the ways to keep fit, and most of them fun to do, that there is no excuse not to keep fit.

Learning how to relax our bodies is certainly an effective way to keep fit. In this fast - paced and much pressurised society, people are forever rushing - workers to their office, housewives to the markets and students to their respective colleges or schools. It is uncommon to see people taking a stroll after breakfast before going to work.

Nevertheless, in spite of our various job demands, it is crucial that we learn how to relax so as to "destress" ourselves. This will help us to be more composed instead of being tensed all the time. The ways of relaxation differ from one another. While some people visiting cinemas as a form of relaxation, others may vote for simply an afternoon of reading by the beach to serve the same purpose.

One important aspect of keeping fit that we tend to overlook is sleep. Our bodies need enough sleep time to recharge, without which it cannot function at optimum level.

Thus keeping fit is important and attainable. As someone rightly puts it, "Health is wealth" so such a pursuit is certainly worthwhile.

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