Proshanta Karmakar Buddha’s solo show at Gallery Cosmos

Noted artist Proshanta Karmakar Buddha lends his strong voice through pure realism. He does not confine himself with any singular theme and working process. He has worked on varied themes and has always tried to capture the theme's minutiae through his personal language and style. He is sincere, dedicated and workaholic by nature. Experimentation is his forte and he has been continuously experimenting through hues, lines and overall configuration of forms, compositions and figural presentation.

The artist identifies himself with the cultural heritage of the country. Liberation War and the valiant expressions of the freedom fighters have been articulated in his works remarkably. Fearless force in the form of horses, bold eyes and Bengali letters is a recurring theme in his paintings. His mode of expression is realistic and movement of the subjects is the key element in his works. Several of Proshanta's acrylic- based paintings highlight two themes---- structural heritage of the country and the misery of common Bangladeshis.

Proshanta has highlighted the significant architectural heritage of the country. He visited locations and drew them with his personal touch. He feels a strong link with simple structural designs and compositions.

Proshanta has held several solo and group exhibitions in different parts of the world and has received a number of prestigious awards. He has done a series of works articulating riverine life, the Bede (gypsy) lifestyle, Liberation War, Language Movement and other subjects.

Sandals, empty pots, flowers, women's visage, and their children are common subjects in his works. At different solo and group exhibitions, Proshanto focuses on diverse subjects which are closely connected to our social, political and urban environment. Some of his works highlight the lives of snake charmers.

As an earnest painter and printmaker, Proshanto feels that he has some responsibility to his country. He records time, history and incidents. His language is bold and can be easily comprehended as he uses the canvas to protest brutality, inequality, political chaos, bigotry and violence. Most of his works highlight figures, and figures are connected to the objects that he has used in his serigraphs, acrylic and mixed media works.

Gallery Cosmos in New DOHS recently organised a ten-day solo art exhibition titled 'Peace' by noted artist Proshanta Karmakar Buddha.

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