Two bomb explosions killed at least 26 people in Pakistan's Balochistan province on the eve of general elections, officials said. The first blast killed 14 people in front of an independent candidate's party office in Pishin district. A second explosion left eight people dead in Qillah Saif Ullah district, about 150km (93 miles) away. Many others were injured in the two blasts. The election has been marred by violence and claims of poll-rigging.

No group had claimed responsibility for the attack in Pishin, a town about 50km from the city of Quetta and 100km south-east of the Afghan border. The provincial authorities said 25 people were also wounded. Images on social media show cars and motorbikes blown apart by the force of the explosion. It took place outside the election office of a local independent candidate who officials told the BBC was meeting his polling agent at the time.

Britain's King Charles III has been diagnosed with cancer and has begun treatment, Buckingham Palace said. Less than 18 months into his reign, the 75-year-old monarch will suspend public engagements but will continue with state business, and won't be handing over his constitutional roles as head of state. The palace didn't disclose what form of cancer the king has, but said it's not related to his recent treatment for a benign prostate condition. The palace said "a separate issue of concern was noted" during Charles' treatment for an enlarged prostate last month, when he spent three nights in a London hospital.

The king personally called both his sons William and Harry - as well as his siblings Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward - to share news of his health. Harry, who quit royal duties in 2020, has spoken to his father about the diagnosis and "will be travelling to U.K. to see His Majesty in the coming days."

Swedish officials said that they have decided to close their investigation into the September 2022 explosions on the underwater Nord Stream gas pipelines which were built to carry Russian natural gas to Germany, saying they don't have jurisdiction. Sweden's investigation was only one of three into the explosions. Denmark and Germany are also examining the blasts. The attack, which happened as Europe attempted to wean itself off Russian energy sources following the Kremlin's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, contributed to tensions that followed the start of the war. The source of the sabotage has been a major international mystery.

Public prosecutor Mats Ljungqvist from the Swedish Prosecution Authority said in a statement that "Swedish jurisdiction does not apply." The probe's primary purpose was "to establish whether Swedish citizens were involved" and whether Sweden somehow was used to carry out the detonations, thereby putting the Scandinavian country at risk, the authority said.

Senegal's parliament voted to delay the West African nation's presidential election until Dec. 15 in a chaotic voting process that took place after opposition lawmakers were forcefully removed from the chambers as they debated President Macky Sall's earlier decision to delay the crucial election. Security forces stormed the legislative building and forcefully removed several opposition lawmakers who were trying to block the voting process on the unprecedented delay of the presidential election initially scheduled for Feb. 25. The adopted bill extends Sall's tenure - which was due to end on April 2 - until a new election.

Authorities on Monday restricted mobile internet access amid growing protests by opposition supporters against the delay. As the lawmakers debated the bill, security forces fired tear gas at protesters gathered outside the legislative building. Many of the protesters were arrested as they poured into the streets of the capital, Dakar, burning tires and criticizing the country's leader.

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