Saudi Ambassador to Bangladesh Essa Yussef Essa Al Duhailan on Tuesday said the Skill Verification Program (SVP) would help Bangladesh to send their skilled workers to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) which will boost remittance inflow and contribute more to Bangladesh economy.

"It is good to have skilled workers. There are no fees that need to be paid by any worker. The employer in Saudi Arabia and their authorized individual will shoulder all the expenses for visa, air ticket, medical report, police report and everything," he told reporters at the Embassy.

The SVP aims to verify professional workers for the required qualifications and skills for their professions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Under the SVP, a competency-based skill testing exam (theoretical and practical) will be held for five professions, such as plumber, electrician, welder, refrigeration/air conditioning technician, and automobile electrician.

"This (exam under SVP) will raise the standard of professional services and reduce the influx of unqualified workers," said the Saudi Ambassador.

The envoy said such a skilled worker will be a true competitor with other nationalities as he will get more salaries than the ordinary workers.

"If he is an ordinary worker, he might get Saudi Riyal 800 to 1000 but a skilled worker will get Saudi Riyal 1500-1800, even more. His remittance will be higher because the salary will be higher. It will contribute to strengthening the Bangladesh economy. It is good in many aspects and many fields," said the Ambassador.

The tests of skilled workers will be carried out for the Bangladeshi workers before they could apply for a Saudi work visa.

The Bureau of Manpower, Employment and Training (BMET) jointly with the Saudi organization will provide all support for conducting the required skill tests.

Earlier, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development of Saudi Arabia, in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation, launched the SVP.

The SVP is an effort to improve the professional competence of the skilled workers in the Saudi employment market, enhance their productivity, improve the quality of their professional services, bring down the influx of unqualified workers into the market, and contribute to developing their skills according to international standards.

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