Music is undoubtedly nature's one of the greatest gifts towards the humanity, and the humans who can create soulful, good music- they are simply the best people as nature's harmony and sanity remains balanced because of their hardships. In Bangladesh, a lot of greatest musical maestros emerged after the millennium and grabbed the spotlight who then literally changed the music industry- and one man remained a bit bohemian, a bit classy with the classical, a fusion-maker and also earned his respectful position through creating a whole new taste and level of music. However- through his own experimental activities with the therapeutic music he believed in and proceeded, he saved a lot of people from depression, heartache and even prevented from committing suicide. Shayan Chowdhury Arnob still does not believe that his soulful creations had been proven this much effective and powerful; well, after the last Friday at Jamuna Future Park, it seems like his fan base have successfully proved him wrong- one again.

The renowned singer-composer Arnob, once again mesmerized everyone with his latest concert titled 'Hariye Jaini Tobuo' at Jamuna Future Park on Friday the 20th September's evening. Organized by the event management company Xirconium, the concert had been creating buzz among the fans of this melodious artist- ever since the announcement of this event.

Despite the rainy weather, thousands of the Arnob fans waited literally for hours and hours standing in the cue which almost covered the whole space of the ground floor of Jamuna Future Park, the largest mall in the country - just to attend the concert. The venue was sort of squashed with rainwater, but the organizers and volunteers miraculously turned the venue perfect for the show within a couple of hours. "We are trying to overcome the hassles only to present a whole new experience that Arnob promised to his fans", one of the volunteers told Dhaka Courier.

Speaking of that arrangement, Arnob, who usually performed solo in maximum of his previous concerts- bought several renowned musicians to perform along with him in this exclusive event. Famous singer-musician Pantha Kanai played drums for the entire time and sang one of his famous songs 'Nouka', after coming back from a long hiatus. Arnob also dwelled with his longtime friend and band-mate, Buno- from his earliest and famous act, the 'Bangla' band. Those who know Arnob from the scratch, have surely the experience and can surely remember the magic these two magicians can create together, through their soulful collaboration. And this time there was no different scenario at all.

Popular band 'Nemesis's heartthrob vocal Zohad also accompanied and collaborated with Arnob for two songs and even sang his famous score 'Kobe'. Then came the surprise acts- Soumyadeep Sikdar, called by Arnob as 'Murshid' and popularly known as the Murshidabadi of the 'Murshidabadi Project' and Sunidhi Nayak, a classical Rabindra-Sangeet singer. They are two of Arnob's dearest friends and co-artists from Visva-Bharati, and it was their first time in a concert with Arnob in Dhaka. They performed several fusions including Tagore songs and classical Indian Sufi music- and the crowd was really amazed with their splendid performances and collaborations with Arnob, one after another.

Apart from being a great musical maestro, Arnob is also a prolific artist who genuinely has educational background on Printmaking. Though his music can also be referred as artworks, his actual crafting and illustrations are also acclaimed and Arnob chose this event to present and share this other talent from his arsenal of versatility, by launching two brand new limited edition t-shirts on the venue with his own drawn illustrations. The attendees of the concert got the chance not only to put an 'Arnob-designed' t-shirt- but also, many of their t-shirts matched with the one that Arnob was wearing.

Back in March 2019, the event's organizer, Xirconium- has successfully arranged another concert titled 'Arnob Unplugged' at the KIB complex, which was also attended by a massive number of audiences and had overwhelming responses. Xirconium's head Amir Rahim Aftab promised the crowd that this is indeed not the end, and more shows are upcoming with Arnob to quench the thirsts of his fans.

One of the most confusing tasks in this planet is to identify the best song among Arnob's creations, according to the fans- and it was visually noticeable in this event as the crowd was shouting the names of all of his mesmerizing songs whenever Arnob asked for suggestions. Sometimes it was for "Tomar Jonno", sometimes it was for "She Je Boshe Achhe" or "Hariye Giyechhi" or his soothing Rabindra-Sangeet fusion such as "Majhe Majhe Tobu Dekha Pai". Arnob did not avoid any requests and performed them all, but even after those magical three hours the fans were not willing to end the concert. The bohemian musician assured that he would be back in future with even bigger arrangements, and that is what Bangladeshi music industry surely needs- more and more soulful creations of Arnob.

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