YouTube can be an excellent source of both instruction and fun, making it an excellent tool for keeping kids interested. However, not everything on YouTube is appropriate for children, so unless they are using the YouTube Kids app, they can end up viewing something they would not be. Fortunately, there are a plethora of kid-friendly Educational YouTube channels. Some of the favorites are included in this article.

Alex, educational cartoons toddlers

Alex is an animated cartoon series created to assist young children in learning about the world around them. Alex is an inquisitive 5-year-old child who enjoys learning about the world around him. The episodes may be themed to teach about the sea, music, the jungle, plants, and so on. It's ideal for long-term project work. Excellent 3D animation with memorable characters, in short, 5 minutes (ish) animations, all accessible for free on YouTube.

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Peekaboo kidz

It's another fantastic free resource aimed at middle or primary school students. The Peekaboo channel is developed specifically for young learners as they learn about the world. In this channel, the animated character Dr. Binocs discusses diverse issues through terrific combinations of animated instructional films, classic English tunes, phonics songs, lullabies, "how it works" animations, etc.

The content of this channel excels in covering natural catastrophes, environmental difficulties, medical issues, etc. The brief explanation of the CoronaVirus was among the wide variety of topics.

Depending on the concerns, short movies as well as lengthier videos may simply take the child into the specific issue or lesson.

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Blippi - Educational Video for Kids

The presenter of this toddler program is known as Blippi. A genuine person inspires Blippi. He isn't a puppet or a cartoon. But he uses a lot of animations with suspenders. An interesting character of this channel is the bow tie that speaks like a youngster while sharing various findings with little children.

These videos depict field outings to teach children about colors, numbers, machines, and the fundamentals of 'life' as experienced by toddlers in their little universe.

Blippi has a number of YouTube channels dedicated to children. Video and Blippi Toys, for example. They all appear to be in the same video genre and don't seem to vary much from his main channel. However, the latter two may have more toy-like qualities.

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Super Simple Songs - Kids Songs

Do your kids like rhyming musical adventures? Cartoons, puppets, and live-action have been combined with children's songs in the Youtube channel called Super Simple Songs.

A group of Tokyo instructors came up with the notion of learning and teaching through songs after recording classic and new songs for youngsters. They eventually created YouTube videos to show other instructors how to utilize their music. Then they realized that children were also observing them. They now have a number of the most popular YouTube children's songs. Children are also encouraged to get up, dance, and sing along.

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Cosmic Kids Yoga

Sometimes the parents might want to get children active while simultaneously lowering their energy levels. Sounds tough, right? The YouTube Channel called Cosmic Kids Yoga offers handy videos presenting excellent ways for kids to develop mindfulness, relax, and channel their energy.

This will also help kids develop confidence, balance, and strength. Watching these videos kids will be able to do some exercise in simple and enjoyable ways!

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ChuChu TV

Are you looking for an educational channel for your toddler or preschooler? ChuChu TV's videos focus on nursery rhymes and educational songs. This channel's charming animated characters can educate your children about colors, shapes, numbers, and other concepts while also imparting good messages. Vinod Chandra, the creator of ChuChu TV founded the channel in 2013. This channel's primary character 'ChuChu' was based on his small daughter. The channel has got over 15 million members!

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Steve and Maggie

It is another great channel for toddlers. This is an exciting video series presented by Steve, a real-life' person. His real figure is often juxtaposed against cosmic backdrops.

He doesn't dress up like Blippi, but he does behave funny. Though he talks to children in amusing ways, his voice tones and hand motions are quite energetic. Steve speaks in basic English and repeats words, which is beneficial to toddlers learning to communicate.

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Machine for Kids

This channel is really straightforward, and it seems to be low-budget as well. It's been almost a year since it's been updated. However, it's a mystery why toddlers like it so much. It's basically a video of boats, diggers, trucks, tractors, and other such vehicles. Of course, there are music tones playing in the background! If your youngster is fascinated by construction machines, this YouTube channel will keep them engaged. This channel is also a spin-off of Blipi's work. However, there are no interactions with the host.

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The Wiggles

The Wiggles is a popular Australian children's channel that has been educating as well as entertaining the youngsters since 1991. You may see their films on YouTube for a modest charge. On their channel, they also provide a lot of free stuff which keeps the kids enthralled.

Favorites like Dorothy The Dinosaur may be sung and danced to by your youngster. They are a well-known children's entertainment group that just received their 13th Aria Award for Best Children's Album.

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Lots to Learn Preschool Videos

Lots to Learn Preschool Videos is a smaller channel, presenting a different sort of video to appeal to children's emotional development. Mindfulness is a notion that has lately gained momentum in the educational realm, particularly in relation to nature.

Nature is prominently featured on this channel, with video snippets matched to classical music and creative animal melodies. Of course, they also offer more mainstream-type films for kids. If you want to teach your children more about mindfulness and meditation in the classroom, this is the channel to watch.

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YouTube Kids

Parents are sometimes worried about what their children may click on while they are not there or about the advertisements that display on videos when they are not present.

YouTube has offered a solution that addresses the majority of these issues. YouTube Kids is an app based channel dedicated to children. Here you can create movies for your kids to view. You may even block or report problematic stuff if you don't want your children to view it.

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So there are the 10 best educational YouTube channels for toddlers, preschoolers and primary school students. However, all of these channels may not be suitable for all children. Navigating these channels you can find safe and age-appropriate films for your kids. Keep an eye out for interesting material, and then subscribe to get updates from that channel.

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