India handed over Risaldar Moslehuddin

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India handed over Risaldar Moslehuddin, a key conspirator convicted for assassinating Bangladesh's founding father Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and most of his family members, to Bangladesh, Indian officials said. An official confirmation of the apprehension of Moslehuddin and his handing over to Bangladesh came late in the week. Moslehuddin, who had fired at Bangabandhu at his Dhanmondi road 32 residence on August 15 in 1975, was handed over to Bangladeshi authorities on April 20 night, Indian officials said.

Moslehuddin was apprehended in a highly sensitive covert operation by Indian security agencies in Bongaon, some 30 kilometres away from Petrapole border with Bangladesh. He was reportedly running a medicine shop in Bongaon. Both Moslehuddin and Abdul Majed, who was executed earlier this month, were stated to be hiding in India's West Bengal for more than two decades.


The Bangladesh Bank formed a refinance scheme of Tk 15,000 crore for the industrial and service sectors, much to the relief of the cash-strapped banking sector that was fretting about implementing the Tk 30,000 crore stimulus package announced on April 12 for the two from their own sources. Under the refinance scheme, lenders will get funds in the form of working capital at 4 percent interest from the BB, which the end-users will get at 9 percent.

To enjoy the refinance scheme, banks will have to provide at least 50 percent of each loan to the industrial and service sector borrowers from their own sources. The duration of the refinance scheme is three years that will act as a revolving fund. Banks will have to sign a participation agreement with the BB to enjoy the fund from the scheme. Banks will be allowed to get an interest subsidy of 4.50 per cent for the disbursed loans, which will be given by their own sources.


At least five people, including a Border Guard Bangladesh member, were injured as Indian Border Security Force personnel fired rubber bullets on villagers who were protesting at BSF’s pushing an Indian mentally-challenged man into Bangladesh territory at Burimarimari in Patgram of Kurigram. Four of the injured — Abdul Aziz Pettu, Ainul Huq and Osman Gani of Tantipara in Burimari union, and BGB member Khokon Mia —who were given treatment are ordinary villagers.

The villagers said that the BSF members pushed an Indian mentally challenged man into Bangladesh through Burimari border Thursday evening and the villagers gathered in the area and began demonstration against the act. When the BGB members reached there, the BSF members suddenly fired rubber bullets on the villagers and left the area leaving five injured.


Bangladesh has extended the ongoing general holiday till May 5 to fight the coronavirus outbreak. This is the fifth extension of the public holiday that began on March 26 to ensure social distancing for containing coronavirus that had already claimed 120 lives and infected 3,772 so far in the country at the time of the announcement. The public administration ministry on April 23 issued a circular in this regard.

The circular said emergency services would remain out of the purview of the holiday. It also said factories, agricultural sector and public transports would be opened gradually considering the situation. The government initially announced the general holiday from March 26 to April 4, which was later extended till April 11. Then it was extended till April 14. Afterwards, the holiday was extended till April 25 as the number of COVID-19 patients as well as the death toll from the disease continued to rise.

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