When it comes to the most scenic places of Bangladesh, Bandarban easily ranks on the top. The South Eastern district of Chittagong is nestled deep inside the hills among the luscious greens and breathtaking waterfalls. Bandarban truly is a remarkable sight of nature in its abundance and that in turn has attracted tourists for years now. Tourists usually look for comfortable vacations on the slopes of the hills overlooking the majestic hills and forests. And if you're one of those people, here's a list of the 8 best Bandarban resorts to enjoy vacation.

Forest Hill Resort

If you are looking for a cozy stay away from the hustle and bustle of city life, the forest hill resort can be a good pick for you. Located 3 km away from central Bandarban, this panoramic resort is situated on the Thanchi road, right near Milonchori. The remote location only helps to let you enjoy Bandarban to its fullest and their transportation makes sure that traveling won't be a hassle.

The resort has its own 24/7 power supply along with standard facilities. This is not something luxurious to be star-rated, but the overall service, view, and hospitality you will receive is something to cherish. They have package offers starting from 3000 BDT going all the way up to 10000 BDT.

Venus Resort and Coffee House

Nothing like a morning coffee as you gaze onto the distant horizon where the hill meets the sky right? Located in Meghla, Bandarban Venus Resort is a luxury destination for people looking to experience nature from a close quarter. For over 8 years now, the resort has been entertaining guests from all over the globe. From artificial lakes to hilltop cottages, this resort has it all.

The spacious rooms have all the luxurious amenities and the list varies from the package you're choosing. There is also an in-house continental dine option. The resort can be a perfect choice for people looking for a cozy retreat with the family. The packages of this resort start at 3000 BDT for two and go all the way up to 10500 BDT for the VIP Suite.

Bono Nibash Hill Resort

Bono Nibash Hill Resort is not your typical resort. When most resorts near Bandarban are made of concrete and are of duplex or triplex in nature, Bono Nibash is entirely different and that is pretty much evident from their name. The resort and its housing cottages are made of wood and bamboo to represent the homes of local ethnic groups.

For someone coming to Bandarban to experience nature and culture, their cant is a better place than this. However, that doesn't take away anything from the amenities they offer. The three-star resort has an in-house restaurant and the service is also on par with the rating. You also get to experience the magnificent views from the Chimbuk hill up close making it one of the best Bandarban Resort to enjoy vacation.

Fanush Resort

Here is another resort that is hidden into the deeps of the hill. The remote location of this resort makes it even more attractive for nature enthusiasts. From the outside, it might not look much but the interior and the service of the staff are commendable. You get a panoramic view of the Milonchori hills from every room. The extended pavements away from the hills let you feel the cloud from a touching distance.

The ambiance is something you need to experience yourself to appreciate. There is a 24/7 power supply and you will get all the amenities you can expect from a hill resort. The price for a night's stay for two starts at 3200 BDT and depending on the setup, it can go up to 4000 BDT.

The QB Holiday Homes and glamping

Do you want to experience the true essence of the hills? The QB Holiday Homes and glamping has just the right setup for you. In addition to housing a standard resort in their spacious estate, they also have provision for "glamping" which is a short name given to glamorous camping. Standing right opposite the Chimbuk hills, the views from the resort are simply breathtaking.

You get to experience the hill nights stargazing from the comfort of your tents. To make things even more memorable, there is outdoor cinema available as well. If camping isn't for you, you can choose from their range of villas to make your hill stay a memorable one. Pricing for the tents starts at 1800 BDT and goes all the way up to 5000 BDT for the villas.

Green Peak Resort

Most of the resorts around Bandarban are cottage-style. The huts in the bay of hills not only look mesmerizing but also gives the visitors a stay to remember. The Green Peak resort is one such cottage resort. Located in Richa, some half a kilometer away from Meghla, this cozy cottage is surrounded by nature alone.

There aren't any resorts nearby. However, the true beauty of the resort becomes apparent at night when the entire cottage lights giving a trance-like ambiance. The staff is well trained and you get access to an oriental restaurant in the resort compound. The pricing for a night's stay starts from 3500 BDT and depending on the accommodation facilities, can go up to 5000 BDT.

Nilachol Nilambori Resort

The Nilachol Nilambori resort is situated right on the edge of Nilachol hill. This resort probably has one of the best views in all of Bandarban. From the spreading green of the hills to clouds at touching distance, you can experience nature like never before here. The resort itself is cottage-like with all the modern facilities.

There is an in-house Asian restaurant and morning breakfast comes complimentary. What's interesting about this resort is that it is very close to the Nilachol hills making it one of the more touristy spots within Bandarban. Pricing for two-person starts at 3500 BDT and goes all the way up to 5000 BDT for added amenities.

Sairu Hill Resort

The best-reviewed resort in all of Bandarban, Sairu Hill Resort is a class apart from the rest. From infinity pools to long terraces on the brink of the hill, this is as luxurious as it gets in the hills. The entire Chimbuk hills are in full view of the resort the modern design of the rooms and restaurants gives this resort a touch of elegance unlike any other.

The resort has its own transportation system so you can tour around the hills with ease. The staff is well trained and the rooms have all the amenities you'll need. If you want a natural experience with a comfortable stay, Sairu Hill resort brings the best of both experiences for you. The pricing of the rooms starts at 12000 BDT and goes all the way up to 28000 BDT depending on the number of occupants.

Final Words

Nature has graced Bandarban with all its glory. A hike or trek through the incredulous hills will sure to give you new perspectives. In the words of the great ecological thinker John Muir, "The mountains are calling and I must go" There are plenty of resorts, but in our finding, these are the top Bandarban Resorts to enjoy vacation. So pack your bags cause the mountain is calling!

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