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Discussion on World War II held at Russian Cultural Centre


Marking the 80th anniversary of the World War II, a round-table discussion was held on September 1 at the Russian Center of Science and Culture, Dhanmondi in the city. M. Patwari, renowned historian and Professor of Social Sciences and Humanities at Bangladesh Open University was keynote speaker at the event. Other participants of the discussion were-Professor Shahidullah Sikder, Vice President of the Bangladesh-Russia Friendship Society; Professor Dilip Kumar Nath and Dr. M. Hamid, members of the Executive Committee of the Association of Alumni of Soviet / Russian Universities; Dr. A. Azad, Rector of the Muktijudho Academy; R.I.Rusel, Associate Professor of the Department of International Relations of the Jahangirnagar University; E.H. Ayten, Lecturer, Department of English at the Daffodil International University.

At the discussion, the speakers recounted the Second World War as the greatest tragedy of all mankind, noting that people from most part of the world became the subject of aggression by the most powerful and organised military machine of the time, led by hated Nazi ideology. The speakers acknowledged the inadmissibility of repeating history, as war criminals and their accomplices were whitewashed for their ideological justification of the atrocities of that World War. The speakers also considered the fact that gradually the room for constructive international cooperation is becoming narrower, confrontation is growing, regional conflicts are intensifying and the future of world is becoming unpredictable. And again, Nazism raises its head, attracting more and more ideological and political supporters. The participants of the discussion urged not to forget the lessons learnt from history and not to repeat the mistakes of the past, recalling the fact that the policy of appeasing the aggressor to ensure their security at the expense of others, as well as unwillingness to create an effective collective security system, led to a crazy war in the middle of the 20th century.

Speakers also emphasized that Soviet Union deserves a thanks for freeing humanity from the fascist plague by defeating vigourous Nazi force of Germany. They also praised the current role of the USSR and Russia in maintaining world balance, protecting the rights and freedoms of small nations, and opposing the imperial ambitions of some leading powers to dictate their living conditions and form a new world order for the sake of personal ambitions.

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  • Discussion on World War II held at Russian Cultural Centre

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