Chirkutt has now been selected for a concert in UK. The popular band will perform at Tower Hamlets, London on July 1. They would leave the country on June 28 to take part in the "Boishakhi Mela", where the concert will take place. The fair will run from June 28 to July 6. It might be added here that the recording of all of Chirkutt's upcoming album Udhao has finished. Now they are preparing to release the songs as music videos. The first song has already been released in the band's official facebook page as a lyrical video.

Lead vocalist of the band, Sumi has personally confirmed the news of the band's participation in UK Boishakhi Mela. London is a place for hundreds of thousands of Bangladeshis and Bangalees to get-together. Thus according to Sumi, this would be the biggest Bangla-speaking audience they would face outside the country as of now. Previously Chirkutt performed among Bangla-speaking communities in US, India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Norway. In all these places the number of Bangla-speaking audience was little. For this reason and also for the reason that Bangladeshis in UK contribute greatly for our national economy, Chirkutt considers their upcoming concert to be very special.

Now back to Udhao. The album's first released song "Keu Jonak Jele" has been released as a lyric video. The song is dedicated to all people whenever they face the need to fight off loneliness, whether in-the-midst of crowd, seclusion or darkness. The album's first to-be-released song was set to be Katatar. It was due to come out in Eid. But due to editing still need to be done the song has not been released as yet. n

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