Chhayanaut, country's renowned cultural institution, virtually arranged a four-day special cultural programme paying tribute to the national poet Kazi Nazrul Islam that ended on Sunday.

The four-day special programme titled 'Nai Dukkho, Achhe Shudhu Pran' began on December 17, featuring song, recitation and dance performances on Nazrul's majestic creations with specified topics on each day.

Streamed live on Chhayanaut's Facebook group and YouTube channel every night at 9 pm, the opening day's programme featured Nazrul's Ghazals and devotional creations.

The second day's programme was based on Nazrul's Raga-based songs, the third day featured some of the specified notations of Nazrul songs and closing event on Sunday was based on Nazrul's modern, patriotic and folk songs.

Renowned artists from different arenas including Khairul Anam Shakil, Shaheen Samad, Tropa Majumdar, Bhashwar Banerjee, Sumona Bishwas and more from home and abroad joined the four-day event and presented enthralling cultural performances representing their respective genres of works, based on the given topics on each day.

"This special event was Chhayanaut's one of the two special ventures to connect its students, teachers, organizers and volunteer artists from home and abroad, who had been the journeymen of the institution since its beginning in 1961," according to Chhayanaut secretary-general Laisa Ahmed Lisa.

The organization previously arranged a similar four-day virtual tribute programme on Rabindranath Tagore from December 03 to December 06, titled 'Jagroto Koro, Nirvoy Koro Hey'.

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