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Ayub Bachchu remembered in Kolkata


George Lincoln D’Costa of Artcell from Bangladesh and Anindya Chatterjee from Kolkata took part in the concert among others.

A mega concert was held on November 25 in Kolkata with the participation of band performers from both Bangladesh and Pacchim Bangla, India. The concert was dedicated to the recently demised rock maestro of Bangladesh Ayub Bachchu. Organisers of the concert are Kolkata’s one-stop-destination for café and culture, Café Kabira’s Zul Mukherjee and Kolkata Municipal Corporation’s Ward Councilor Arup Chakraborty.

Performers from Bangladesh---- Mehreen, Sina Hasan of Bangla Five, George Lincoln Kosta of Artcell and Maqsoodul Haque of Maqsood O Dhaka took part. From Kolkata performers---- Mahiner Ghoraguli, Bhumi, Chandrabindu, Lakkhichhara, Shahar, Cactus and more took part. Singers from these bands Anindya Chattapadhyay, Soumitra, Ovijit, Upal, Shilajeet, Gaurav, Siddharth, Pradeep Chattapadhyay, Bapi, Dev Chowdhury rendered music.

As a founder member of the band LRB, Bachchu was the lead singer, guitarist and songwriter. In his early years, he was a member of the band Souls as the lead guitarist. On 18 October 2018, Ayub died of cardiac failure at his residence in Maghbazar at the age of 56. He was declared dead at the Square Hospital, Dhaka. He was laid to rest in his hometown Chittagong alongside his mother at the Choitonno Goli graveyard.

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