World football governing body FIFA has imposed bans on Russia and its flag in harsh treatment for their invasion of Ukraine. In the latest move, FIFA has said that the Russian national football team won't be allowed to hoist their national flag in any international match, and they won't be allowed to sing the national anthem as well.

Not just these, Russia won't be allowed to host any international match on their soil until further instruction from FIFA, and they won't be allowed to use the name "Russia" as a football team, instead, they will have to use the name "Football Union of Russia" as the name of the team.

This move came after Russia invaded Ukraine recently which has already left at least a couple of hundred people dead. FIFA has said if the Russian invasion expanded more, the country would face a ban that will prevent them from taking part in international football.

Meanwhile, Poland, a neighbouring country of Russia, said they won't play Russia in the World Cup qualifier which is scheduled to take place in March, and at the same time, they demanded FIFA ban Russia from the next World Cup that will be played in Qatar later this year.

The Czech Republic and Sweden, who are also in the same group as Russia in the World Cup qualifier, have said they won't play any international match involving Russia for now.

Poland also criticised FIFA for announcing an 'inadequate' punishment for Russia. "We are firm at our position. The Polish football team doesn't want to play with Russia no matter what the name they take," Cezary Kulesza, chief of Polish football, said on Twitter.

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