Information and Broadcasting Minister Hassan Mahmud has said that the procrastination of developed countries to provide funds to mitigate climate change damages is not acceptable.

Hasan Mahmud said that donors are not coming forward to help Bangladesh with funds to boost its capacity to tackle climate crisis.

The minister made this remark at a COP26 side event titled 'Transparency Mechanism under Paris Agreement: issues, concern and opportunity for effective implementation in Bangladesh' organised by Center for Climate Change and Environmental Research (C3ER) BRAC University at Bangladesh Pavilion in the Scottish city of Glasgow on Wednesday evening.

'Bangladesh has the capacity to deal with the damage caused by climate change and the government has shown its capability to take effective adaptation activities', he added.

He said that Bangladesh is an innocent victim of climate damage caused mainly by developed countries. But they are not taking any reponsibilityfor this.

Yet Bangladesh did not surrender to the effects of climate change. On the contrary, it is working with its own funds at the directive or Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, the minister added.

He said that various initiatives have been taken by the government to produce climate tolerant rice. Especially crops tolerant of drought, flood and salinity.

He also said the developed countries should provide necessary financial and technical assistance to the affected countries to address climate risk.

Tanvir Shakil Joy Member of Parliament, said adaptation is most important for Bangladesh. Climate projects should be developed based on indigenous and traditional knowledge through consultation and participation of local communities.

ICCAD Director Dr Saleemul Huq said the biggest failure of the COP is to meet 100 billion dollar climate fund pledge. The second failure is that there is very little funding for climate finance adaptation.

Gerry Fox, Team Leader, PROKAS, British Council "stated that local adaption will be key to the future in combating climate change. In Bangladesh we are developing a climate finance ecosystem which brings together lead organizations working at local, national and global, creating a virtuous circle to strengthen adaption solutions that respond to community needs, and develop a system that provides the necessary MRV to encourage increased global funds.)

Climate experts Dr. Salimul Haque and Dr. Atik Rahman spokev at the event which was presided over by water and climate expert Dr. Ainun Nishat.

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