The United States will continue to take steps to deepen partnership with Bangladesh.

"There are a number of steps that we have and will continue to take when it comes to deepening our partnership with Bangladesh," said Principal Deputy Spokesperson Vedant Patel during a regular briefing at the US Department of State in Washington on January 22.

The US official made the remark when a journalist wanted to know what specific action the US is considering to deepen its partnership with Bangladesh.

Patel specifically mentioned cooperation in addressing climate issues and security where the US believes there is opportunity.

"Of course, through that there - we have the opportunity to also engage with non-government actors as well, which we believe is also key and critical to deepening this relationship also," Patel said.

After the formation of the new government, US Ambassador to Bangladesh Peter Haas had a meeting with Foreign Minister Dr Hasan Mahmud and discussed how the two countries would work together on issues of mutual importance such as climate change, business opportunities, and the Rohingya crisis.

"I look forward to working closely in the coming months to advance our relations based on mutual interest," Haas said.

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