Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen today addressed the media at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, discussing Bangladesh's diplomatic interactions. Momen noted that it's common for diplomats from major countries to promote their products, a practice Bangladesh doesn't view negatively, as it's seen as part of their duty.

He responded to inquiries about the US proposal for Bangladesh to purchase Boeing aircraft, clarifying that such proposals were not tied to the upcoming national election, but had been in discussion for a while.

The government, aiming for diversity in its Biman fleet, has decided to buy from Airbus, though current financial constraints are delaying the purchase.

Momen mentioned that Boeing has since offered a lower price following Bangladesh's agreement with Airbus, but he assured that this is not seen as pressure.

Momen also touched upon Bangladesh's relationship with the US, expressing a desire to strengthen this bond.

"We are looking forward to build a better and stronger relationship with the US," the foreign minister said.

He emphasized that both countries advocate for free, fair, and non-violent elections in Bangladesh, although he acknowledged that ensuring non-violence depends on the sincerity and willingness of all.

Highlighting the cordial nature of the US-Bangladesh relationship, Momen remarked on the current election wave sweeping the country, underscoring the importance of participatory elections. He concluded by stating that Bangladesh values the suggestions from friendly countries like the US and accepts those that are beneficial for the nation.

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