Automated teller machines or ATM booths have become a hassle-free means of financial transactions. However, application of this progressive service may create trouble for some users. The most common problem is the card getting stuck in the ATM booth. The customers fall into a dilemma when the card does not come out of the ATM machine. Especially on holidays, there is no limit to their suffering. So everyone has to be careful about the common reasons behind a card getting stuck in an ATM Booth. We will also discuss the essential steps to.

Why do cards sometimes get stuck in ATM booths?

The wrong PIN number entry three times in a row

When customers are in a hurry or careless, they often rush to withdraw money and forget the PIN number of the card. In such situations, they tend to press the wrong button inadvertently and eventually enter the wrong PIN number. It is now common for any electronic device that if the wrong password or PIN number is entered three times in a row, then the system freezes the process. In the case of ATM Booths, the card may get stuck.

Mechanical error

This issue usually is out of everyone's control. When it comes to any machine, there will certainly be mechanical defects. The network may be disconnected due to a power outage at the ATM machine while using the card. And then the information given by the customer may not work properly. As a result, the card remains inside the machine.

Using expired cards

If the expired card is repeatedly inserted into the ATM, the ATM will block the card. There are some MasterCards that require customers to call Customer Care to extend their term. For example, in the case of different types of gift cards, many people forget that the short term of their card has already expired. In the case of such cards, customers often face issues while getting the card out of the machine.

ATM server problem

Server complications are a common cause of ATM cards being stuck. It even hampers withdrawing money directly from the bank. If the server speed is lower than normal, the card can get stuck in the ATM machine.

Using externally damaged cards

The ATM card is basically a rectangular thin piece of plastic or metal. For a variety of reasons, the card may get cracked or broken slightly at any edge. Using a broken card may lead it to get stuck in the machine.

Using unsupported cards

Most ATM machines support Master and Visa cards. Apart from these, other cards can't be used in ATMs even if they belong to the respective banks. The use of such cards can also cause trouble.

What to Do If Card Stuck in ATM Booth

Here are some needful things to do instantly when the card gets stuck in the ATM booth.

Cancel transaction and wait for a while

First, the customer has to press the cancel button to revoke the transaction. Then he/she has to wait a while and give time for the whole activity to be completed. When the server is down, even small functions run slowly. In this situation, the card owner should wait for a while rather than coming out of the booth immediately. Because the card may come out after that extra time.

Taking detailed note about the incident

In this extreme situation, the customer needs to write down the details of the problem. Everything should be noted down including the bank name, card number, expiration date, and the number associated with any account. The card owner needs to be precise about the time of the event, and how the card was used up to the moment before it got stuck inside the machine.

Informing booth officers, customer care

When your card gets stuck inside the ATM Booth, the officer in charge of the booth should be informed. In most cases, the officer can help with proper guidance. If there is no officer then the customer has to inform the guard.

Now the customer needs to contact the customer care of the bank and report the whole incident. In particular, the card owner must tell them to stop all the transactions. They will provide all possible guidance to resolve the issue.

Contacting bank's nearest branch

If communication with the bank's customer care is not possible, the only way is to go to the nearest branch of the bank. If the booth (where the card got stuck) and the card belong to the same bank then the card can be returned quickly. But if the booth belongs to another bank, the chances of getting the card back in a short time are very low.

In this case, the only way is to apply for a new card. It can take up to 7 to 15 days based on the Bank to get a new card. The application must be accompanied by the National Identity Card, any utility bill of current address, and two passport size photographs.

In a Nutshell

Card-based banking services have been introduced mainly for the convenience of the customers. The card holders need to be proactive and smart in card management in order to avoid such situations. So in order to adapt to the current trend, every cardholder should be a bit tech-savvy.

If our recommended steps are taken, the risks of cards getting stuck in ATM Booths can be minimised. However, if your card still gets swallowed by the ATM Booth, don't panic! Follow the above-mentioned steps with a relaxed mind and your card will be recovered systematically.

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