Do you want to spend a day far away from the humdrum of city life? Visit Sadllahpur Golap Gram (Rose Village) in the vicinity of Dhaka. This place is located at the Birulia union in Savar. The village of Sadullapur stands on the bank of the Turag River. Here some farmers commercially produce and trade roses, that is why this place is called 'Golap Gram' which refers to 'Rose Village'. Stay with us to know how to plan a one day trip to Sadullapur Rose Village.

When to Visit Golap Gram at Sadullapur?

Farmers cultivate Mirandi variety of rose flowers at Sadullapur village year-round. So you can visit this rose village at any time of the year. If you want to please your eyes seeing rose gardens filled with vast amounts of roses, visit Golap Gram during the months of June or July.

However, you may know that winter is the perfect season to grow fresh roses. So, those who want to enjoy the cherubic beauty of fully bloomed roses should plan their trips in the winter months. In this season, roses are in perfect size and shape. And, the whole area is mesmerized with the aroma of blooming flowers.

How to Go Saidullapur Rose Village?

Sadullapur Golap Gram can be reached through different routes.

Route 1: Via Diabari Bat Tola Ghat

You can reach Mirpur embankment from Jatrabari, Gulistan, or Farmgate via local bus services. Besides this, starting the journey from Gabtali or, Mirpur Section No. 1 or Mirpur-10 you can arrive at Diabari Bat Tola Ghat by local transport rickshaw. If you are living in other places of Dhaka, hire a CNG-powered auto-rickshaw or taxi cab to reach Diabari Battala Ghat. But don't get confused about 'Diabari Bat Tola Ghat' with the 'Diabari' of Uttara.

At Diabari Battala Ghat, shallow engine boats - locally known as Trawlers - commute to Sadullapur every 30 minutes consecutively. The cost is BDT 25 taka per person. The journey may take about 40 minutes to reach Golap Gram. You can also hire a Speedboat, or a kosha boat, or a shallow boat to arrive at Sadullapur. In that case, you have to spend BDT 250 to 500 for the trip.

At Diabari Battala Ghat, boating service is available from 6.30 am to 5.30 pm. It would be wise to end your tour at the rose gardens before 5 pm; so that you can return to Dhaka before evening. You can visit the whole Sadullapur village on foot or by rickshaw.

Route 2: Via Birulia Bridge

If you start the journey from Tongi station, rent a reserved CNG to reach Birulia Bridge through the Kamarpara route. In an alternative way, from Uttara Mascot Plaza or Uttara House Building, North Tower, you can reach Diabari via local transport Leguna. It will take a few minutes to reach the main road on foot. There you can rent a local car to reach Birulia Bridge.

From Birulia Bridge, you will get shared autos to arrive at the Sadullapur Rose Village. The fair is around BDT 20 per person. Birulia Bridge is the best route to visit this rose village. On the way, you would get enthralled by the heavenly beauty of rose fields laid across the horizon. If you reserve an auto to reach Sadullapur, then you can visit the rose gardens by stopping your auto in different places.

What to See in Golap Gram?

On the way to reach Golap Gram vai Birulia Bridge, you would find vast gardens of various kinds of flowers including Garbera (Jarvara), gladiolus, rosemary, etc. There is an ancient banyan tree in the vicinity of the Birulia Bridge.

The main attraction of Sadullahpur Golap Gram is the wide-spreading rose gardens filled with different colors of Mirandi roses, including red, yellow, white, etc.

Here the morning dews get trapped in the petals of roses creating divine splendor. Each garden has unlimited numbers of flower-plants. You can walk through the narrow paths across the rose gardens and get to mingle with nature for a while.

Besides rose gardens, there is a palace called Birubari Rajbari and a mini zoo called 'Lake Ireland' in Sadullapur.

Where to Eat in Sadullapur Golap Gram

You would find tea stalls under the Banyan tree at Shahdullapur ghat. Here you can drink tea with some snacks. There is a local hotel/restaurant near Sadullapur Ghat. You can have breakfast or lunch in this place. However, it would be best if you can carry some food from home.

Rose Market

There are several markets in this locality where farmers sell their produced roses and other flowers. For instance, some farmers sit to sell roses at Abul Kashem Market located in Shyampur village. This place is called Golaper Haat (the market of roses). Flower businessmen from all over the country gather in this place to buy flowers in bulk. Here trading of roses continues up to late-night starting from the evening.

Besides these, there is another market called the Sabu market at Mostapara. Some farmers sell flowers in this place. The trading of roses and other flowers continues in these markets year-round. Sadullapur rose village can fulfill almost half of the flower-demands of Shahbagh Flower market in Dhaka city.

You can purchase roses from the farmers. But usually, the farmers don't show interest in selling roses in retails.

Some Cautions to Visit Saidullapur Golap Village

If you commute to Golap Gram by personal transport, park your vehicle at the designated place.

Do not pluck roses or other flowers from the gardens without permission.

Do not enter the flower gardens after the evening.

Do not irritate the farmers while they remain busy in carrying out their livelihood activities.

Stay away from any kind of immoral and unsocial activities.

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