The death of legendary Bollywood singer-musician Bappi Lahiri has hit close to home in the showbiz arena of Bangladesh.

The prolific Bollywood hit producer had a familial relationship with Bangladesh's legendary singer Runa Layla. Not only that, they have worked together as well.

Runa Laila reminisced about Bappi Lahiri to the media on Tuesday.

She said, "I have done two songs in Bollywood films with compositions by Bappi Lahiri - the first was in 1979's 'Jan A Bahar' and the other was in 1984's 'Yadgar'. Since then I have been acquainted with Bappi ji."

In 2018, Bappi Lahiri surprised Runa Laila on her birthday in Kolkata.

Runa Laila said, "Mr Alamgir and I were in a hotel in Kolkata that year. Bappiji surprised me on my birthday. He was staying with his wife at the same hotel. He greeted me first over the phone. Then they came to our room with flowers and cake."

The four of them then celebrated Runa Laila's birthday.

"We talked a lot that day. That was the last time I met Bappiji," she said wistfully.

Recalling his larger-than-life personality, Runa Laila further said that Bappi Lahiri was her friend.

"Not only to me - he is the favourite of everyone I know. He always liked to live in laughter and have fun," the artist said.

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