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Reflecting on the defiant verses of Sikandar Abu Zafar


Poet and the famous lyricist of Liberation War songs, Sikandar Abu Zafar was remembered at a programme held at Poet Shamsur Rahman Seminar Hall of Bangla Academy on May 15 marking the revolutionary poet's birth centenary.

Habibullah Siraji, director general of Bangla Academy delivered the welcome speech at the event. National Professor Anisuzzaman presided over the meeting while Ekushey Padak recipient poet Asad Chowdhury delivered the keynote paper named 'Kobi Sikandar Abu Zafar O Tar Shomoy'. The programme titled 'Kobi Sikandar Abu Zafar Shorone Ekok Boktrita Anusthan' was organised by Bangla Academy.

Asad Chowdhury said, "Sikandar Abu Zafar preferred being outspoken and strong-tempered. He did not confine himself within any particular class as he wrote against almost all kinds of oppressions. The sufferings in society and the wrongdoings were projected in a peculiarly satiric way in his poetries. But he also wrote short stories, novels, essays, columns, editorials in the same tune. He was at the same time nationalistic and global-minded as he voiced disgust at sufferings of humankind all over the world through his sharp diction."

Sikandar Abu Zafar was not even daunted by powerful targets like the Pakistani regime. In his edited publication Samakal he published literary pieces in favour of Bengali nationalism, which the Pak government sought to stomp down. The poetry collection 'Bangla Chharo,' consisting of verses published during the Liberation War of 1971, bears testimony to this, Poet Asad added.

Poet Habibullah Siraji and National Professor Anisuzzaman reaffirmed Asad's words saying that Sikandar Abu Zafar played a defiant role against Pakistani rule through his edited publication 'Samakal' with rich taste and professionalism. Anisuzzaman also cited 'Amader Sangram', and 'Amar Obhijog' as other works that captured Sikandar Abu Zafar's courageous dreams.

  • Reflecting on the defiant verses of Sikandar Abu Zafar
  • Vol 35
  • Issue 46
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