Dr Muhammad Samad, noted poet and president of National Poetry Council has become the pro-VC of University of Dhaka recently. To congratulate him for his new position a host of celebrated poets paid a visit to the poet at his office and gifted him with flowers and a specimen of Bangladesh's traditional 'Nakshikatha' on June 28. The poets who paid visit were Habibullah Siraji, Rabiul Husain, Rubi Rahman, Aslam Sunny, Tarik Sujat, Aminur Rahman Sultan, Harisul Haque, Nahar Farid Khan, Faizul Alam Pappu, Hanif Khan, Giasuddin Chasha, Sharafat Hossain.

Dr. Muhammad Samad is one of the distinguished poets of the '70s. His discerning vision and passion, reflected through words, have enriched our literature. For inspiration, Samad inclines towards romanticism and nature.

The first collection of his verses, "Ekjan Rajnaitik Netar Manifesto," was published in 1983 and won the Tribhuj Literary Award. Other published books by Samad are Aami Noi Indrajit Megher Araley" "Porabey Chandan Kath," "Cholo, Tumul Brishtitey Bhiji," "Sharater Akashey Purnima", "Premer Kabita and others.

Samad has been teaching for about 30 years. Between 1997 and 2001, Samad has been the general secretary of National Poetry Council, Bangladesh. He is a recipient of many prestigious awards for his contribution to Bengali poetry and literature. n

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