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Obscure Artists of Bangladesh's exhibition: A room for everyone


Obscure Artists of Bangladesh, a new platform of young, emerging artists organized a three-day national art exhibition from 28 to 30 November at Gallery 27 in Dhanmondi 16 (old 27).

Inaugurated by World-renowned Bangladeshi calligrapher Mahbub Murshid as the chief guest, the exhibition featured exciting collection of promising artworks by enthusiast artists.

Hundreds of artworks including calligraphy arts, oil painting, acrylic painting, stone arts, tea-bag arts and many other diversified drawings are currently being portrayed at the exhibition. Applauding the initiative, calligrapher Mahbub Murshid said “This event is a unique showcasing of amazing artworks including some unbelievably good calligraphy, done by promising artists. Some of them are not even professionals, but one cannot even guess that at first glance.

Artist Mahfuzur Rahman, founder of the Obscure Artist of Bangladesh explained “Our Facebook group has been set up back in October with the intention to provide an organized platform and inspiration to the ‘obscure’ artists of Bangladesh and we called submission from artists all over the country. The response we got in return is unbelievable and overwhelming. Our endeavors are pretty focused- we want to inspire them to move forward, and give them a platform they deserve to showcase their amazing talents and extraordinary creativity”.

The participants spoke highly about the initiative, activities and coordination of the organizers in the exhibition. Founding members and admins of ‘Obscure Artists of Bangladesh’ organized this national art exhibition along with the enthusiastic participation of the group members, who sent their mesmerizing creative artworks in this exhibition from all over the country.

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  • Obscure Artists of Bangladesh's exhibition: A room for everyone

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