For the first time in Bangladesh, a mini-comic book created with artificial intelligence (AI) was published on Sunday (January 15, 2023) night.

Science Bee, one of the largest science-based education platforms for youths across the country, published the AI-generated mini-comic titled 'Manobjatir Grohon' on its official Facebook page at 8 pm.

Regarding the publication, Science Bee said in its post: "Imagine this, an artificial intelligence program is writing stories for you, and another artificial intelligence program is illustrating the stories. Could we have imagined this a few years ago?

The script, title, character development, and illustration were all handled entirely by artificial intelligence in this science fiction comic book, produced for the first time in Bangladesh and perhaps in the Bengali language as well."

The 17-page mini-comic book narrates the journey of humankind, envisioning the end of the human race in the world and the aftermath.

"By using ChatGpt and Midjourney Ai, we created the comics. Artificial intelligence was used to produce the storyline, characters, narration, and each page image in the comic. As per our human contribution, we worked together on the translation and a little bit of Photoshop," according to Science Bee.

Co-created with human assistance by Annoy Debnath, the free mini-comic book has already created a buzz on Facebook and is receiving positive feedback from its readers.

Founded by Mobin Sikder, a student of Chemistry at Jahangirnagar University, Science Bee was founded in 2018. The purpose of this platform is to transform diversity and inclusivity of science and technology, to reach the under-served community, and to increase the number of those actively engaged and involved in science and technology.

The mini-comic is available at

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