Chorusing the motto "Real Story by Real People" with the aim to highlight the narratives of marginalized individuals, the maiden edition of the Community Digital Storytelling Festival, scheduled to take place on February 10-11 next year, is being organized by the Department of Journalism, Media, and Communication at Daffodil International University (DIU).

The first general meeting for the festival was recently conducted in room 1211 of the academic building at the Daffodil International University campus in Ashulia. The meeting was attended by the Advisor of the festival Dr Abdul Kabil Khan, the Chief Advisor and Head of the Department of Journalism, Media, and Communication Aftab Hossain, alongside the executive committee members and volunteers.

During the meeting, Dr Abdul Kabil Khan emphasized the use of new technology to contribute positively to society by showcasing the stories of marginalized people. He also mentioned this festival would mark the department's first international outreach program, while encouraging the volunteers, stating that their involvement would help develop leadership qualities.

Aftab Hossain, Chief Advisor and Head of the Department, expressed his belief that this festival would be a significant milestone for the department. It would facilitate building direct connections with the industry and contribute to the betterment of society. He officially announced the formation of the executive committee.

The elected executive members, consisting of nine students, were nominated as follows:

Saim Mohammad Sani (Festival Director), Alifennesha Alif (Coordinator), Sakibul Alam (PR and Communication Manager), Iqbal Hossain (Creative Art Manager), Niloy Dhar (Branding and Marketing Manager), Naim Hasan (Finance Manager), Sadman Rafid (Submission Manager), Tahmid Sahriyar (Production Manager) and Manik Tanvir (Partnership, Development and Special Events Manager).

At the meeting, various action plans were presented by the Festival Director for the next six months, and sub-committees were formed with other volunteers.

The main objective of the Community Digital Storytelling Festival is to bring the untold stories of marginalized people to the forefront. These are the stories that often remain unheard in mainstream media. The festival is determined to fulfil this purpose and embark on its journey with this meaningful goal, according to its organizers.

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