Beggars are not celebrities. But strange twist of fate might turn someone to be exactly that, even in our twenty-first century when such reversal of fate looks hardly convincing and even suspicious. But despite this reality of our time, we've seen it happening in recent days, thanks to the narrow focus of international news media that until recently was singing in unison about how corrupt and immoral the person in question had been.

Yes, I'm talking about the Ukrainian president, the celebrity beggar of our time who is soliciting alms for the purpose of fighting an enemy that he claims robbing his nation of everything, from undergarments to all the valuable possessions of his people and compelling him to beg for arms to stop that enemy's further attempt to plunder the remaining resources the country has.

This same beggar, we had been told earlier by the elite international media, had been presiding over a nation that they had termed as the most corrupt country in Europe. Oligarchs had robbed the country virtually of all its resources and was running the government from the position of influence that plundered state resources had enabled them do. And in the last election held in 2019, as all other contesting candidates, including the incumbent president, were seen by the majority people as outright corrupt personalities capable only of enriching themselves and their mentors; the oligarchs needed someone from outside to portray the person as a people's candidate. And here stepped in some of those leading thieves like Igor Kolomoisky and Renat Akhmetov, who pushed forward a failed comedian as a candidate of public choice. And before they had done so, a carefully devised plan had brought in the failed actor at the center of public discussion.

It was a television serial under the title of "Servants of the People," where he was given the role of a rising politician trying to serve the nation despite facing various odds in every form. This worked out pretty well, and as the election approached, the same group of oligarchs encouraged the person to float a political party under the same name of the TV serial sand pushed him to the central stage of country's politics. Money and all other practical assistance needed for running day to day political activities were once again provided by the same group of thieves who wanted to ensure that their reign over country's economic activities remained untouched. This too worked out well and the person got elected with a huge margin, He had started running the administration that was now under the heavy influence of the group of oligarchs who had all along been active in looting and robbing state coffers. The country presumably got a leader from among the outsiders, but retained her lowest place among European nations in the list of most corrupt countries. So, nothing indeed changed in reality, except that a person from outside with a Jewish origin all of a sudden became owner of fashionable villas in the West and inflated bank accounts overseas, whereas people remained in the same gutter where they had been ever before.

Prior to that, a civil war in the eastern part of the country that started in 2014 after the illegal overthrow of an elected president in the disguise of a popular uprising funded directly by Western nations allowed a group of oligarchs to sense the possibility of using the situation to attract Western powers. According to their own calculation, this would not only stop them to be portrayed in the West as plunderers of state resources, but also boost their position within the country The West had always been suspicious of Russia's role in its former sphere of dominance and were ready to poke the nose of the northern bear for stirring further disturbances that would allow them a free hand to interfere in the affairs of states throughout the region and thus play a crucial role in managing the huge natural resources that countries of the region has. This ultimately led to the second phase of the twist of fate that turned the one-time failed comedian as a beggar of global scale.

When Russia started the military operation in Ukraine a year ago, the comedian president immediately started crying foul in a louder voice and called for the West to come forward for helping him to stop Russian aggression in his sharply divided country where roughly 30 percent of population are of Russin ethnic origin. When the civil war started in the eastern region, the Ukrainian side continued its participation in the piece talks initiated by a group of European nations, resulting in the signing of Minsk treaty. The comedian followed the same modality after being elected president in 2019. However, despite signing the treaty, he continued the same policy of his predecessor, which is bombing civilian population of the separatist regions and urging the western military block to come to his assistance. This is how the proxy war of the West against Russia started and the West, for preserving its self-serving interests, started portraying the former failed actor as a new messiah who had descended on earth to save not only his people, but also to ensure the safety of world civilization.

This no doubt is a great uphill task for a failed comedian to perform, more because the country has by now turned into a barren land with no income of its own and no substantial defense mechanism to save it from further ruin; except for allowing outside powers to show their military might using the people of the sad country merely as pawns. Ukrainians are dying in the battlefields and dying in thousands, whereas the West is trying to portray itself as the savior of human civilization at the expense of cheap lives of Ukrainian sacred cows. And the messiah is continuing his begging mission around the world, asking anyone to give arms so that he can continue fighting a war that had also been his making right from the beginning. And more he is exposing himself as a puppet serving the purpose of others, more the Western media uniformly coming forward to portray him as a great leader of our century who is not only "self-sacrificing," but also with a clear vision of showing the world the "true face of an evil empire." When someone serves my purpose so devotedly, how can I not stand behind and do everything possible to elevate the person from the gutter to the tomb of glory?

Tokyo, March 1, 2023

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