The telecom regulator in its latest crackdown on online gambling and betting has blocked 331 websites.

On September 24, Posts and Telecommunications Minister Mustafa Jabbar said the government had permanently blocked 6,000 gambling sites.

In a notice issued Monday, the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) said it also reported gambling and betting apps and links to Google, Facebook and YouTube for blocking.

"Google blocked 14 gambling-related apps in Bangladesh after receiving more than 150 complaints. The multinational technology company is taking steps to review the other complaints," the telecom watchdog said.

The BTRC reported 27 links to Facebook and 69 to YouTube for gambling and betting lessons. The two social media giants blocked 17 links each and are reviewing the rest.

Credit or debit cards are required to buy game chips. As it has become easier to get credit or debit cards in Bangladesh, many have turned to online gambling or betting. Taking advantage of this, criminal groups are siphoning off crores of taka from Bangladesh, the BTRC said.

Although the laws of Bangladesh do not allow gambling and betting, through apps or websites, many are getting involved in online gambling or betting during domestic or international football, cricket, tennis and other matches after completing registration by paying through credit or debit cards or mobile financial services.

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